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The way Mexicans consume news has radically altered thanks to Chumel Torres, a well-known social media personality from Mexico, and his YouTube news show El Pulso de la Republica. Prior to Torres starting his channel, news in Mexico consisted of falsified material that was first subjected to back-room transactions between corporate companies and the government before being broadcast. The Mexican mainstream media greatly irritated viewers since it appeared to be the voice of the wealthy and powerful rather than the voice of truth. The launch of Torres’ channel was the result of a careless attempt by Torres to get around the censorship that dominated Mexican television. His program, El Pulso, offers a Daily Show-like perspective on Mexican and international politics and daily life. Torres has added his own quirky and irreverent approach to it, despite his claims to have taken inspiration from US satirical news icons Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. He just sees himself as a mold-breaker, despite the fact that many people call him a political radical. Torres’ revolutionary narrative has served as an example for a new generation of internet celebrities who are now establishing themselves in a market that was previously ignored by traditional networks. The future for Torres only appears to be bright with the internet driving Mexican media to be inclusive and open.

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The Epic Ascent to Stardom

Entering the field of news and entertainment for someone who has been academically schooled as a mechanical engineer sounds like an absurd option. But Chumel Torres not only succeeded in doing so, but he also rose to enough fame to earn the nickname “the Mexican Jon Stewart of the news profession”! Prior to the 2012 presidential elections, Torres began blogging when he posted political tweets on his Twitter account.

He received enough attention from his tweets to land a job as a columnist for a political blog. He then accepted a position as an editor for an online publication in Mexico City as a result of this. Torres discovered while studying in Mexico City that creating a comic news program for urban, middle-class, and tech-savvy young people was his true calling rather than engineering.

Torres was well aware of how ineffective television was at reporting the “true” news. The majority of “news” consisted of factual fabrications that ultimately brought to light information that only served to uphold the powerful’s reputation. Torres launched his parody news program El Pulso de la Republica – the Pulse of the Republic – on YouTube as a way to express his annoyance with the country’s traditional media.

The show was primarily intended for those who either didn’t watch the news or were tired of it. He presented news with sarcasm and comedy. In a short period of time, Torres’ show became a big success, and he rose to fame on social media.

He has gained hundreds of thousands of followers because of his performances in El Pulso. People in Mexico have turned to him in frustration with the cordial relationship between the government and large-scale media conglomerates. Chanel Torres has established a reputation for presenting news with a lighthearted spin while avoiding the censorship that permeates Mexican television.

His distinctive presentation gave him a cult following in Mexico, and more and more online stars began to imitate him. Torres had the chance to transition from the internet to cable in 2016 when HBO Latin America offered him a primetime television spot.

His late-night comedy news program, “Chumel with Chumel Torres,” which allowed him to display his unique brand of humor by parodying current events in Mexico and Latin America and their numerous quirks, was a resounding hit. “Chumel with Chumel Torres,” which had 22 episodes in its debut season, was extremely popular and quickly rose to the top spot on HBO GO. The sitcom will return for a second season in 2017 due to how well it has been received.

Chumel’s Individual Life

On May 7, 1982, Chumel Torres was born in Mexico. About his early years and parents, not much is known. The fact that Torres holds a degree in mechanical engineering indicates that he is well-educated. Torres graduated with this degree and started working in the industry before his series of political tweets changed the course of his life irrevocably. Always a performer at heart, he advanced gradually until launching his own YouTube news station, which helped him become well-known. Regarding Torres’ love life and personal life, little is known.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is Chumel Torres. According to our research, Chumel Torres has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.