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American YouTuber Ciera Stitz is also a gymnast, cheerleader, and social media personality. Along with her twin sister Megan and their cousin Maggie Atcheson, she is one of the three influencers who manage the YouTube channel TheCheernastics2, which features cheer, gymnastics, and fitness. Stitz, an Iowa native, has had a passion for gymnastics since she was a young girl. Three years prior to them starting their channel, in 2008, she began taking classes. TheCheernastics2 was founded by the girls in October 2011 as a platform to explore their shared passions for cheerleading and gymnastics. The channel has experienced exponential growth in the years thereafter, and as of 2018, it has more than 1.7 million subscribers and more than 400 million views. They have also established a similarly well-liked website where they sell their goods. She not only co-runs a popular YouTube channel, but she also competes in gymnastics and cheers for her school.

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Increased Fame of Ciera Stitz

Since they were six or seven years old, Ciera, Megan, and Maggie have been creating videos. Jerry Atcheson, Maggie’s father, said that they began making videos with a camera when they were still little and seemed to enjoy what they were doing. They frequently got together, had sleepovers, and produced humorous videos.

They created the channel in October 2011, and that same day, the first video was released. The majority of Ciera and Megan were featured in the videos at first, but as time went on, Maggie’s involvement with the channel increased. It eventually rose to the top of the platform’s gymnastics-related channels in popularity. The video “Family Gymnastics Challenge” is their most well-liked one. It was posted in August 2014 and has received over 7.6 million views to date.

When Ciera, Megan, and Maggie founded TheCheernastics2 in 2011, they also launched a second channel called SevenGymnasticsGirls. The other girls associated with the channel, in addition to the twins, were Zoe, Rachel Marie, Jazmyn Strong, Mary, and a different woman who went by the moniker Awesome H Gymnastics. The channel enjoyed moderate success and at its peak had 1.4 million members. However, it was afterward discontinued.

In order to engage with their viewers, the girls also set up Instagram and Twitter accounts for the channel. On Twitter, they have over 20,000 followers, while on Instagram, they have around 240,000. Ciera also has personal Twitter and Instagram accounts, where she has a following of about 16,000 and more than 200,000. She also has a VSCO account, which is a photo-sharing application.

TheCheernastics2 was contacted by ‘Seventeen’ magazine in 2013, which eventually resulted in their partnership with AwesomenessTV. As a result of their cooperation, the ladies were able to attend a number of events, including Vidcon, where they had the opportunity to meet people like John Green, Josh Peck, and Nash Grier.

Individual Life of Ciera Stitz

Gary and Gail Stitz welcomed Ciera into the world on August 31, 1999, in Johnston, Iowa, the United States. She has two sisters: Megan, her identical twin, and Hailey, her other sister. She and her sister were members of the cheerleading squad at Waukee High School in Waukee, Iowa. They shared a common upbringing with their cousin Maggie. The sisters have always been active and have taken gymnastics courses since they were young. She enrolled at the University of Iowa after finishing high school.

Net worth of Ciera Stitz

The estimated net worth of Ciera Stitz is about $1 million.