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Singer Claire Hosterman is Dove Cameron’s older sister and a Disney Channel star. She spent more than ten years studying voice in Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, and Paris before deciding to pursue voice coaching as a career. In her voice studio today, she instructs singing to students of all ages at the novice level, assisting them with the proper technique for singing in various genres, including Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre, R&B, and Opera. She approaches singing holistically and kinaesthetically, customizing sessions to meet the needs of each individual student. Her early success inspired her to take things a step further and open up her studio online via Skype in order to connect with eager vocalists all around the world. She has a sizable social media following.

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The Epic Ascent To Stardom

Dove, Claire Hosterman’s younger sister, and she has always been close. While Dove achieved astounding success as an actor in Hollywood, Claire stayed in the background and began a profession in voice coaching. She was gifted and gained knowledge through taking official vocal lessons and taking part in many activities. She performed on stage at the Young Playwrights Festival presented by the Bainbridge Performing Arts in 2008 and assisted Steven Fogell as assistant director of the BPA Camp Teen Bainbridge production of “Les Mis√©rables” as an apprentice.

When she was selected as the winner of the seventh annual Amy Award for Emerging Artists in 2008, her commitment and hard work were recognized. A young artist who continuously demonstrates a sense of excellence, inventiveness, discovery, and dedication in his or her chosen field of art is granted the prize by Arts & Humanities Bainbridge each year. Soon she started directing various BPA and Bainbridge High School performances on her own.

She had always wanted to be a music teacher because she saw it as a way to connect with others and help them recognize their value. She began by enrolling in private voice lessons at her Burbanks (Los Angeles) studio, which proved to be very popular with both parents and her young students. Due to her success, she decided to broaden her audience by offering online tutorials using Skype so that students could take classes from any location.

Due to the subpar sound quality of Skype at first, she had doubts about its effectiveness. However, after realizing the enormous potential of the concept, she sought to hone her abilities so she could successfully teach online. She designed challenging lessons that required a lot of effort. But it paid off, and the project was a huge success, putting her name on the map of global music.

She is of the opinion that anyone can sing if they use the proper technique to allow their voice to develop. She is renowned for teaching her students with love and affection while displaying extraordinary patience. She views social media comments made by her students who praise her character and method of teaching voice technique as her highest reward.

Behind The Scenes

Claire Hosterman is of French and Scottish ancestry. On March 10, 1989, in Seattle, Washington, she was born to Bonnie Wallace and Phillip Alan Hosterman. She is the sister of Dove, a Disney Channel star, and seven years older than her. The two ladies grew up together in Seattle and have been close friends since they were young.

Her father founded the Kandahar Trading Company, a business that sells ethnic design items. While he was still living, he played the piano and the saxophone for the two girls as a hobby. ‘The Hollywood Parents Guide’ is a book that her mother, Bonnie Wallace, wrote. Her father passed away when they were still young, and their marriage later ended in divorce.

She became much more attached to her younger sister as a result of her fractured family and her father’s absence. Additionally, Ryan Mc Cartan, the boyfriend of her sister, thought of her as an older sister. Sadly, the connection ended before it could develop entirely. After completing her high school education at Bainbridge High School in 2007, Claire enrolled at Pitzer College in California to study anthropology.

She experimented with vegan eating in order to advocate for vegetarian cuisine. Not much is known about her private life on social media other than the fact that her boyfriend, Sohrab Mirmont, served as the assistant director for her sister’s debut music video. She is still in a relationship.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest Instagram stars from the US is Claire. According to our research, Claire Hosterman has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.