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Troy, Alabama

Famous for the joint videos that he posts with the well-known Vine band “Dem White Boyz,” Clay LaBrant is an Instagram and Vine celebrity. He is Cole LaBrant’s (a member of “Dem White Boyz”) brother. Clay was introduced to social media at a young age because his parents are avid users of the platform. Several of his relatives are active on numerous social media sites, including Twitter and Instagram. Clay has made multiple appearances on his father Ken LaBrant’s self-titled YouTube channel. His mother has also appeared on a reality show and uses social media. A YouTube channel owned by Clay and his partner Julia has more than 20,000 subscribers.

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Popularity on social media

Since practically everyone in the LaBrant family is active on social media, Clay’s parents were not surprised when he voiced his desire to become a social media celebrity. It all started when Clay’s older brother Cole and two of his schoolmates, Baylor Barnes and John Stephen Grice, launched their own Vine channel. The quick rise in popularity of the Vine channel gave Clay the inspiration to emulate his brother’s success.

He initially made an appearance in the Vine videos that “Dem White Boyz” released. But he then began writing his own scripts for his videos. Along with performing in “Dem White Boyz” videos, Clay also started an Instagram account and ascended steadily in the ranks of social media influencers. After that, he started his own Vine account. His growth as a Vine celebrity was aided by his popularity on social media.

He began by imitating his brother’s and other Vine stars’ techniques. Unsurprisingly, he was frequently contrasted with his sibling. At first, Clay was hesitant to write his own Vine videos and worried about his chances of success on the internet, which was already crowded with well-known Vine stars. But he went with his heart and succeeded in becoming a well-known sketch comedian.

He joined the list of popular Vine stars as his Vine videos gradually gained followers. Then, many of his YouTube compilations were posted by his followers. In 2013, Clay and his partner Julia jointly launched a YouTube channel.

His YouTube channel has only a few videos and only 20,000 subscribers, so it hasn’t yet established itself. Nevertheless, a lot of his films have amassed thousands of viewers. The “Cinnamon challenge with Yoda,” “Sour watermelon Challenge,” “Lots of fan mail,” “Calling Random Fans,” etc. are some of his most well-liked videos.

In numerous question-and-answer videos that he has published, Clay discusses his life. In a video that he posted, he responded to the fan emails that he had received. Clay also called a few of his fans at random as part of a practical joke. After that, he and his girlfriend produced a challenge video that was well-liked by his fans.

A lot of people follow Clay on Instagram. Thanks to the bizarre and humorous photos he uploads to his Instagram account, he has amassed more than 500,000 followers.

Individual Life of Clay LaBrant

On February 23, 2000, Clay LaBrant was born in Troy, Alabama. His father, Ken, was a former professor of Spanish at the esteemed Troy University. Uncle Kenny’s Crazy Bedtime Stories is a children’s book that Ken has also written. He now works for his son Cole as the business manager.

Sheri, Clay’s mother, had taken part in the 28th season of the CBS reality game show “The Amazing Race.” She and her son Cole were partners in the program. She is now a stay-at-home mom who spends much of her time caring for her children.

The four brothers of Clay are Cole, Luke, Tate, and Jack. He has a Lily-named sibling as well. Each of his brothers has his own Vine account and is a Vine celebrity. Lily is a YouTuber that frequently uploads videos to her channel with the same name.

Estimated net worth

Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and other online resources estimate that at the age of 19, popular Instagram star Clay LaBrant has a net worth of $10 million. He made the money as a full-time Instagram star. He’s an Alabama native.