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Clint Trickett is a former American football player who rose to prominence as a coach. By playing collegiate football, he built the groundwork for a dazzling career as a player and coach, first for Florida State University (FSU) and then for West Virginia University (WVU) (WVU). Clint was encouraged to play football by his father, Rick Trickett, a renowned offensive line coach with many years of experience coaching quarterbacks and starters at WVU and FSU. Clint began playing while a student at North Florida Christian High School in Tallahassee, Florida, and went on to become a good college football player, choosing Florida State over South Florida, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Arkansas, and other schools. He was a redshirt freshman for the Florida State Seminoles, but he returned to the field soon after with zeal and a strong performance while filling in for EJ Manuel. As Manuel remained healthy for the majority of the season, Trickett did not have many opportunities to show off his abilities. Following EJ’s departure after signing with the NFL draft, Trickett, Jacob Coker, and Jameis Winston battled for the starting job. Trickett considered returning to his hometown, and it was his experience that helped him make the first-team at West Virginia University. He decided to become a coach after suffering many concussions while playing at West Virginia.

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Career of Clint Trickett

Clint Trickett was born in Morgantown, the main city in North-Central West Virginia, and spent the majority of his childhood there. His father, Rick Trickett, an offensive line coach who worked with quarterbacks and starters at West Virginia University (and later the Florida State Seminoles), was a major influence in encouraging him to participate in the sport. He attended North Florida Christian School and graduated with a 3.8 GPA (or 93 percentile grade), as well as a 3-star position as a blossoming football player from ‘Scout’ and ‘’

Clint Trickett spent three seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, a professional gridiron football team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he threw 59 touchdowns and 5,300 yards for the minor state school. Clint split his time as a collegiate football player between Florida State University and West Virginia University, accumulating 5,837 yards and 32 touchdowns. Over 60% of his passing figures came while he was an active Seminole for two seasons at FSU, Morgantown, and 67.1 percent of his 3,285 yards and 18 touchdowns came in his fifth year at West Virginia University.

His relationship with the Florida State Seminoles began as a redshirt freshman in 2010-11, when he replaced EJ Manuel, who was frequently forced to leave the field due to injury. During the season, he appeared in nine games, including two starts, one of which was for the Clemson Tigers, the football team of Clemson University. The other start came for FSU in his sophomore year (2012), when he filled in for Manuel in eight games and completed 22 of 34 passes for a total of 272 yards.

For the 2012-13 season, E.J. Manuel left to enter the NFL draft, and Clint, Jacob Coker, and Jameis Winston were vying for his spot. Trickett’s chances of starting over in the next season were shattered by redshirted freshman Jameis’ outstanding performance during practice camp in the spring.

Clint decided to move to Morgantown to try his luck with the West Virginia Mountaineers, the university’s football team.

Clint Trickett accumulated 947 throwing yards, seven touchdowns, and four interceptions in his two seasons with the Florida State Seminoles. Clint had long planned to return to his hometown to play for WVU, and his thorough preparation enabled him finish his degree and earn a spot on FSU’s first squad. At the Mountaineers, he had to compete for the starting spot with Ford Childless and Paul Millard, who proved to be fierce competitors.

Trickett’s significant experience, both at the college and professional levels of the sport, qualified him to be selected as a starter for WVU’s first team for the 2013 season over Millard and Ford Childless. In his first season with the Mountaineers, he played in eight games, seven of which he started, completing 123 of 233 passes for 1,605 yards, seven interceptions, and seven touchdowns. He began the 2014 season at West Virginia, starting 11 games and completing 281 of 419 passes for 3,285 yards, 10 interceptions, and 18 touchdowns.

His intense commitment as a starter for WVU took its toll, as he sustained five concussions in 14 months as a result of taking a lot of hits. Clint Trickett announced his retirement as a football player at the end of the season, and has since focused on using his natural and learned abilities to become a coach.

He joined the East Mississippi Community (EMCC) football team as a quarterbacks coach in 2015 and worked with the team for several seasons.

Clint’s main responsibility as a coach was to instruct the quarterbacks of EMCC (which had previously won the NJCAA National Junior College Athletic Association National Football Championship three times), among other things. Buddy Stephens, the head coach, had prepared the EMCC team so well that every year since 2008, the team has had a competent quarterback capable of leading the team to the NJCAA Championship. De’Andre Johnson was one such quarterback who was effectively tutored by Trickett during his two seasons at EMCC.

Clint Trickett is the coach of the ‘Tight Ends’ for the Florida Atlantic Owls football team, which represents Florida Atlantic University. Travis, his older brother, was the offensive coordinator at Florida Atlantic University before moving on to Georgia State University.

Personal Experiences of Clint Trickett

Clint Trickett was born in Morgantown, West Virginia on March 19, 1991 to Tara and Rick Trickett. One of his older brothers, Travis, is the offensive coordinator for Georgia State University’s football team. Rick Trickett, his father, is currently the head coach of the Florida State Seminoles and was previously the head coach of West Virginia.

Estimated Net Worth

Clint Trickett is one of the wealthiest and most popular football players in the world. Clint Trickett’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.