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Successful beauty vlogger Cloe Feldman runs the popular YouTube channel “CloeCouture” on her platform. She enjoys creating videos on music, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. In September of the same year, Cloe, who launched her YouTube channel in January 2011, was included in a Wall Street Journal story among a number of other well-known YouTube personalities. Her DIY makeup lessons, which made Cloe famous on YouTube, were highlighted in the piece. Her most recent comedic routine, “iDateCloeCouture,” have gained a large following among her followers. She works extremely hard and considers her YouTube channel to be her “own little business.” She needs to sell herself on numerous social media sites in addition to writing, shooting, and editing her videos. On a Matt Lauer-hosted episode of The Today Show, she was highlighted. She has debuted GLO by CloeCouture, her own apparel collection. Despite knowing that choosing to be an actor is not the most stable professional path, she is interested in it since it is “cool”.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

Cloe Feldman was influenced by various YouTube beauty vloggers and picked up cosmetic tips from iJustine and juicystar07. She started uploading her own beauty videos to YouTube in 2011 when she was still only in the eighth grade. She would first record her videos using a webcam, but as she became more professional, she began to upgrade to high-end cameras, frequently borrowing them from her mother or older sister. She soon started a second channel called “Vivalacloe” where she posted vlogs. She immediately began to receive positive feedback from her audience, and her channels radically transformed her life. She currently has 193k subscribers on her second YouTube account in addition to approximately 2.5 million subscribers on her primary channel.

Why Cloe Is So Special?

Despite Cloe Feldman’s popularity on social media, she struggled to make friends in school because she was so reserved. In a way, she felt more confident in herself after applying makeup. She believes that she probably won’t be able to perform the actions she does in her films in front of even 500 people. Her enormous and devoted fan following is one of Cloe’s key sources of inspiration for keeping up her YouTube channel. Her DIY instructions not only serve as a source of inspiration for many young girls but also serve as a source of comfort for many of her followers. After a terrible day at school, Cloe used to watch YouTube videos to cheer herself up because she had experienced similar circumstances when she was younger. She thus prioritizes meeting the needs of her admirers since she is aware of the power she wields over them. She also speaks out strongly against the disparate treatment that women frequently experience. When Instagram once deleted one of her photos because they thought certain parts of her body were visible, she re-posted the image while criticizing the sexist policies of the company.

Past Fame of CloeCouture

With a sizable follower base, Cloe Feldman is now a very glam beauty guru on YouTube. She did, however, have to travel a challenging path at first. A year after she began her YouTube journey, in December 2011, her channel was hacked, and all of her YouTube videos were removed. She lost every one of her millions of views and 220,000 subscribers. The hacker also erased her second channel, “Vivalacloe,” but with assistance from YouTube support, she was able to regain the account and the videos. She was regrettably less fortunate with her primary account. She spoke with YouTube customer service for a long time in the hopes that they could help her get her account back. Even better, she made a brand-new account called “CloeCoutureXO.” She never utilized her new account because her primary account was eventually restored. However, because the hacker removed the email address linked to the films on her main account, they could not be recovered.

Behind The Scenes

On June 23, 1997, Cloe Feldman was born in Florida, America. She has two sisters: Mia, who is younger, and Saige, who is older. In many of her videos, her sisters can be seen. In February 2016, her mother, who had battled cancer for 17 years, passed away. Despite being ill, Cloe claims that her mother has taught her to enjoy life to the fullest. She is presently residing in Los Angeles, California, where she attends ULCA to study business and economics. Cloe frequently works with Rclbeauty101, Sarai Jones, and other well-known YouTube celebrities because she is close friends with many of them. She and Sarai resided in the same flat for a few months. It’s interesting to note that Sarai, Rachel, and Cloe were all featured in the Wall Street Journal in 2011, although Cloe didn’t know them at the time.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of CloeCouture is about $1 million.