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Young American dancer Coco Quinn is well-known for her participation in Dance Precisions’ Molly’s Monsters, a minor elite competition team led by the renowned choreographer Molly Long. Additionally, she gained recognition for her role in the widely acclaimed web series ‘Mani.’ She is related to the performers Rihanna and Kaylee Quinn as a sister. Quinn, who had always had a strong interest in dance, commenced rhythmic gymnastics training at the tender age of two. She subsequently attended Dance Precisions for training prior to joining Molly’s Monsters. The young performer has delivered a number of outstanding dance performances to date. She has received training in numerous dance styles, including, among others, ballet, contemporary, jazz, tumble, tap, and hip hop. Regarding her character, Quinn is an exceptionally endearing, naive, and diligent young lady. In addition to dancing, she excels at acrobatics. Two of her three siblings also participate in dance. She enjoys rehearsing dance moves with her sisters, and the trio performs frequently as a unit.

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An occupation About Coco

At the age of two, Coco Quinn began attending rhythmic gymnastics courses. A few years later, she and her sisters began dancing at Dance Precisions. She subsequently transitioned to Simply Dancin’. Then, Quinn continued her dance career by competing in numerous dance performances and competitions. She placed first overall in the diminutive diamond division at the Showbiz Talent Competition in California, in which she participated. The young performer was subsequently accepted into Dance Precisions’ mini elite competition team.

The following year, after beginning her first year of competitive dance in 2013, she was granted the opportunity to perform solos. Coco Quinn has thus far delivered outstanding dance performances in a multitude of dance competitions. She has competed as a soloist in numerous competitions, including Starpower Nationals, Showbiz, and KAR (Redondo Beach). Additionally, she has performed in numerous group performances of jazz, lyrical, and hip hop dance styles. Alongside numerous renowned choreographers, including Erik Sandoval, Erica Leo, and Mandy Rogers, Quinn has performed thus far.

Coco Quinn made her starring debut on the Brat channel’s popular web series ‘Mani’ in 2018. Additionally, she has appeared in several advertisements, one of which promoted Bing Bong stuffed animal pets. Quinn participates as a co-host on the YouTube channel Quinn Sisters, where she and her sisters Rihanna and Kaylee publish videos. The channel is filled with amusing real-life challenges, incredible travel vlogs, hilarious skits, inventive do-it-yourself projects, shopping hauls, and other entertaining material.

Individual Life About Coco

Coco Quinn was born in California, United States, on June 7, 2008. Additionally, she has two sisters, Rihanna and Kaylee, and a brother named Tyler; all three are performers. Her entire family is animal-loverones. Additionally, both siblings follow a vegetarian diet. The dog that resides with the household is named Toby. Four additional felines bear the names Bertha, Gold, Poppy, and Bubba. Parental and educational information regarding the juvenile dancer is not available.

Estimated Net Worth

Coco Quinn has amassed a net worth of $400,000 as an American performer. Her most recognizable role has been as a performer on the television series Mani. In June 2008, Coco Quinn was born in California. She has participated in Dance Precisions training with her sisters and as a former member of the Molly’s Monsters team. In 2018, Quinn made her acting debut on the web series Mani. She began rhythmic gymnastics when she was two years old.