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Wisconsin, U.S.A
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Wisconsin, U.S.A

Connor American YouTuber, businessman, and author Joel Franta has over five million subscribers to his self-titled YouTube channel. He is well recognized for his comedic and lifestyle films, but thousands of his young fans who are still figuring out their own sexual identities hold him in high regard as a homosexual youth star. When he was a teenager, he enjoyed watching videos on the internet. Shane Dawson and Mitchell Davis are among his favorite YouTube vloggers. He launched his own channel in 2010 after being inspired by his idols, and it quickly rose to the top of the video-sharing platform. He previously belonged to the Our2ndLife partnership channel with five other YouTubers, where he amassed enormous notoriety until splitting off. The young man is also an entrepreneur and has a number of businesses, including a clothing line, a music label, a coffee brand, and a lifestyle company. Connor takes part in charitable endeavors because he cares about the suffering of the poor.

The Epic Ascent To Stardom

Connor Franta was a huge fan of YouTube vloggers like Shane Dawson and Mitchell Davis when he was a teen. He became inspired to start his own channel, and in August 2010 he posted his first YouTube video. Since then, the young man’s popularity has grown, and his self-titled channel now has more than 5.58 million followers and has received more than 355 million views.

Connor, along with five other YouTubers, joined the cooperation channel Our2ndLife in 2012 as a result of his rising fame on the internet. Before Connor made the decision to leave the team, claiming personal reasons, the partnership lasted a number of months. As he established himself as a stand-alone contributor to Andrew Graham’s Big Frame network, his success as a YouTuber only increased.

He openly came out as gay in a YouTube video in 2014 after becoming a well-known internet celebrity in order to assist other young people who were unsure of their own sexual orientations. With the help of this video, Connor was able to establish himself as a gay youth icon.

Teen Choice Award nominations in 2014 and 2015 recognized the young YouTuber’s rapid rise to stardom. He received a Streamy Award nomination in the “Audience Choice Entertainer of the Year” category for 2015. In 2016, he took home the “Favorite YouTube Star” trophy at the 42nd People’s Choice Awards.

The smart guy quickly started his own line of coffee and lifestyle products after capitalizing on his internet celebrity. He is currently active in a number of business initiatives in industries as diverse as clothes and music curating.

What Is So Special About Connor Franta?

Connor publicly came out as gay in a video posted on his YouTube channel at the end of 2014. Since then, this video has received more than 10 million views and over 890,000 likes, making it one of Franta’s most popular videos. He makes an effort to use his personal experiences to support other young men and women who are having trouble figuring out their sexual orientation and are having trouble coming out to family and friends.

As someone who is passionate about helping the poor, Connor started a fundraising campaign for The Thirst Project in September 2014 with the aim of reaching $120,000 in one month to help the Swazi people get access to water wells.

T-shirts, posters, and the opportunity to speak with him on Skype were among the rewards he gave to his followers. The campaign raised more than $230,000 by the end of the month. For the same project, a similar campaign helped generate almost $191,000 in 2015. For his work with The Thirst Project, Connor was honored with the Governor’s Award in 2015.

His Past Fame

Connor, a very well-known YouTuber, has recently broadened his horizons and dug into the field of writing. In April 2015, his memoir “A Work in Progress,” his first book, was published. With almost 200,000 copies sold, the book became a best-seller and was included on the best-seller lists of the “New York Times,” “Publishers Weekly,” and “The Times.”

It was also named the “Best Memoir & Autobiography” by the 2015 “Goodreads Choice Awards.” He also founded the record label Heard Well in 2015 alongside Andrew Graham and Jeremy Wineberg. He has launched his own coffee brand, Common Culture Coffee, as a businessman.

Behind The Scenes

A Roman Catholic father and housewife mother welcomed Connor Franta into the world in the US state of Wisconsin. His three siblings are Nicola, Dustin, and Brandon. He was overweight as a child, so his mother signed him up for a YMCA swimming team.

He graduated in 2011 from La Crescent High School, where he had attended. He then went on to Saint John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota to get a business degree. He acknowledges being gay and points to fellow gay YouTuber Troye Sivan as an influence for his own coming-out clip. Troye and Connor are close friends and there are even rumors that they are dating.

Estimated Net Worth

A writer, businessman, and YouTube personality from the United States, Connor Franta has a $3 million fortune. In September 1992, Connor Franta was born in Wisconsin. He has more than five million subscribers to his own YouTube channel as of November 2015. He has also worked on a clothing line, Common Culture, a coffee and lifestyle company, and music curation.