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Corey Funk is an American professional SMX rider. He co-owns the well-liked “Funk Bros” YouTube channel with his brother Capron and cousin Tyler. Funk, who is well-known for posting videos of professional scooter tricks, trampoline fillings, and other stunts, is a very skilled scooter. He was thought to be the top competitor in the ISA USA National Championship in 2015. He still enjoys riding scooters professionally and manages to run his YouTube account at the same time. Funk is well-known on social media, having amassed millions of followers on his joint channel. When it comes to his character, the SMX rider is a driven and aspirational individual. He enjoys telling jokes frequently to make those around him laugh since he finds humor in them. He enjoys socializing with others, especially his supporters and admirers. Being the youngest in the family, his parents and older sibling spoil him all the time.

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Ascent to Fame

On November 9, 2015, Corey Funk, his brother Capron Funk, and cousin Tyler started the YouTube channel “Funk Bros.” On November 10, 2015, they released their debut video, “Funk Brothers in Australia.” Corey and Capron demonstrated their scootering prowess at the Pro Scooter Hut Series in this video. Their third video, “Corey Funk VS Capron Funk -Game of S.C.O.O.T.,” which was released the same month, went viral. It quickly amassed millions of views and included a scooter duel between the Funk brothers. After the success of the video, Corey and his brothers created more intriguing content.

These days, their channel is filled with tons of amazing videos that everyone who enjoys scooter riding should check out! Expert scooter tricks featuring trampoline and nitro circus elements, as well as footage showing front and back flips, are all available on “Funk Bros.” In addition to footage of scootering, it features other incredible vlogs that highlight Corey’s daily activities. “Super Trampoline Park Obstacle Course” and “Trampoline Filled With STYROFOAM Peanuts” are two of the channel’s most-watched videos. In terms of “Funk Bros'” popularity, it has amassed over 4.2 million subscribers and over 654 million views to date.

Individual Life of Corey Funk

On June 10, 1996, Corey Funk was born in California, USA. His parents are Robert and Kimberly Ann Funk. Capron, his elder brother, is a professional scooter rider as well. Capron makes up one-third of the “Funk Bros” YouTube channel. Tyler, a cousin of the brothers, is also active on their joint channel. The young men’s affiliation with Apex Pro Scooters has made them well-liked. Corey and Capron were the Nitro World Games winners in 2016.

Net worth of Corey Funk

The estimated net worth of Corey Funk is about $1 million.