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Corey Scherer is an American dancer and social media sensation who goes by the moniker “Sonic.” Corey is best known for his dance choreography and “Vine” videos, and he has a sizable online fan base. One of the “Super Sega Brothers” dancers. He had a sizable fan base on the video-sharing website Vine before he started vlogging on YouTube. After the application was removed, Corey concentrated on YouTube and became a well-known figure there. He has two channels, a personal channel and a channel for collaboration. Corey also has a sizable following on other social media sites. Corey has a range of goods that he sells on “Redbubble.”

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Fame on social media

From the outset, Corey had a deep love for dancing. Early on, Corey began taking dancing lessons, and by the time he was in his teens, he was already skilled in a variety of dance styles. He started off with hip-hop and soon expanded to other genres as well.

His parents, who run the “Fierce” dance studio, encouraged his love of dancing. For Corey, starting a career in the area was made simpler. He initially joined his personal dancing studio before joining the roster of the “Viral Nation” talent agency. Soon after, Corey started competing in a variety of regional and national dance contests. He came out as a promising dancer and won many of these contests.

Due to his drive and early successes, Corey decided to use social media to reach a larger audience with his talent. He started off using the video creation program “Vine” and quickly rose to fame. Sadly, the application crashed after a while, forcing Corey to disable his account. Yet, he had amassed more than 2 million fans before the shutdown took place.

His YouTube account, which features his dance choreography, prank, challenge, and story time videos, was established with the aid of his enormous popularity. The majority of Corey’s well-known “Vine” videos are also included on the channel in addition to those. Corey suffered a catastrophic accident in 2016 while on vacation in Hawaii, leaving him with nine fractured ribs, a hole in the lungs, and a couple of cuts in the spleen.

Corey returned to YouTube with a bang following several weeks in the hospital. He opened up completely about the terrifying incident that almost killed him. Corey, who is well-known for his group projects, has collaborated on a few videos with well-known YouTuber Gabbie Hanna. With more than 740,000 subscribers, Corey is already well-known in the YouTube dance world.

Corey’s career took off after he helped create the renowned dancing group known as the “Super Sega Brothers.” Under this alias, he collaborates with his friend Shaun “Knuckles” Hill to perform as a duo. The globe has been captivated by their performances. Together with dancing, the team also makes entertaining videos for their joint “YouTube” channel. As this dancing pair formed, Corey acquired the internet moniker “Sonic.”

More than 460 thousand followers on Instagram have been enthralled by Corey’s profusion of videos and images on his account. With the online store “Redbubble,” he trades his branded goods.

Corey’s Individual Life

On September 13, 1995, Corey Scherer was born in Tennessee, US. Together, his mother Christy, and father Allan manage the “Fierce” dancing studio. This studio caters to families and offers instruction in dance and fitness from qualified instructors. Courtney, Cenzey, and Cambrey were Corey’s siblings with whom he shared a childhood. The Scherer family homeschooled all of their kids. Right now, Corey is a resident of North Hollywood, California.

Devyn Lundy, a well-known beauty artist and social media influencer, and Corey are now dating. They look adorable together. They frequently shared the screen in Corey’s videos. The couple seemed content and at ease with one another.

Break dancing is Corey’s preferred dance genre after hip-hop. The reality television series “Jackass” on “MTV” is his all-time favorite program. Corey enjoys watching movies, and he can watch “The Chronicles of Narnia” over and over again. On the list, “Shrek,” an animated comedy, comes in second. He enjoys using his Xbox to play video games. Corey is a huge fan of Taylor Swift. He simply cannot survive if he doesn’t have pizza once a week.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest dancers and one of the most well-liked dancers is Corey. Corey Scherer’s net worth is $5 Million, per our analysis of data from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.