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Updated On February 13, 2024
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Cori Broadus, better known by her stage as “CHOC,” is the daughter of businesswoman Shante Broadus and well-known musician Snoop Dogg. Cori has a prosperous career in music, much like her father. After picking up singing in church choirs, she decided to pursue a music career. Cori’s first release was a taste of success. She has occasionally worked alongside her father in addition to working with well-known musicians like Drake and Kamaiyah. Cori has two elder brothers and is the youngest of her parents’ children. Her father’s extramarital liaison gave birth to her older half-brother as well.

Birth, Childhood, and Schooling

On June 22, 1999, Cori Broadus was born in California. Corde and Cordell are her two elder brothers. Because of her father’s adulterous affair with Laurie Holmond, his former high school girlfriend, she also has a half-brother named Julian.

Cori’s parents first spotted a luminous spot on her face when she was approximately six years old. After that, she quickly got emaciated and lost her hair. Soon after, Cori received a diagnosis of lupus, a persistent autoimmune illness that can harm any bodily component. She was promptly started on medication, and she is now fully recovered. Having played volleyball for a large portion of her childhood, Cori enjoys playing the game in her spare time.

Cori’s illness turned out to be a blessing for her parents’ bond. Because of Cori’s condition, her father, Snoop Dog—who is frequently painted by the public as an unfaithful husband—restored his marriage to Shante. For Cori’s sake, her parents decided to put their issues aside and remain together.

Cori received her high school diploma from the “Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts” in 2017. As with her father, Cori’s passion for music began when she was a small child. Her early music instruction was in school and church choruses. After receiving expert advice from her father, Cori ultimately decided to pursue a music career.

Career of Cori Broadus

August 2011, saw Cori make her musical debut with the release of the tune “Do My Thang.” She became incredibly popular because of the single. She released “SMH,” her second single, a few months later. Cori released the song “Daddy’s Girl” the next year, featuring her father. She also made an appearance in “Reincarnated,” her father’s documentary. Cori had an appearance on a couple of episodes of the reality TV show “Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood” long before she started her singing career.

Cori was featured on Snoop Dogg’s song “No Guns Allowed” in 2013. The song was off the album “Reincarnated,” which was published under the second alias of her father, “Snoop Lion.” Singer Drake was also featured in this anti-violence song. In 2016, Cori put out the singles “Outside” and “Sittin’ In My Room.”

Under the alias “CHOC,” Cori released her single “Same” in 2018. With this song, she sent a strong message to women while bringing back nostalgic R&B emotions. She released the track “New Phone, Who Dis?” with singer Kamaiyah in the same year. This lovely song also has a vibe of R&B from the 1990s. Cori B. has her own YouTube channel where she posts her music videos.

Regarding Social Media

Additionally, Cori is active on Instagram, where she goes by the handle “princessbroadus.” Thousands of her platform fans now look to her as an inspiration. Because of her dusky skin, she was originally harassed on social media. She recovered, though, with a plethora of “Instagram” photos that expressed her disapproval of complexion-shaming and offered a powerful message of self-love.

Cori shared an ‘Instagram’ photo of her newly shaven head in March 2018. She was reportedly influenced by well-known singer Tamar Braxton, who had before shared a picture akin to this one to block out comments and viewpoints regarding her personal life. “Don’t be afraid to try new things,” was the caption on Cori’s “Instagram” image. My progress is just amazing.

Individual Life of Cori Broadus

Cori is seeing a man she met in the eighth grade, Ez, and they are currently dating. Her parents are overly careful, though. Cori and Snoop Dogg discussed their relationship when they appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2015. Cori claimed that her father had advised her to wait to date until she was 77 years old.

The net worth of Cori Broadus

The estimated net worth of Cori Broadus is about $1 million.