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Cory Cotton is an American YouTuber known for his collaborative channel, Dude Perfect, which he operates with his sibling and three other friends. His immensely popular YouTube channel is a sports and entertainment platform that focuses on trick shots and comedy. Cory, a man of many talents, is also a writer and has written the book ‘Go Big’. His YouTube channel, which he launched in 2009, went viral after he uploaded a video about a basketball strike that received numerous likes and shares. Although primarily a sports channel, its content also includes comedic/satirical videos, parody talk show videos, etc., which lend variety to the channel. The group, which holds multiple Guinness World Records, has also released mobile games.

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Cory’s Achieve Stardom

On March 16, 2009, Cory Cotton, his twin sibling Coby Cotton, and three friends, Cody Jones, Tyler Toney, and Garrett Hilbert, launched the popular YouTube channel Dude Perfect. As of August 2018, the channel has accrued over 33 million subscribers.

All of the channel’s founders are former high school basketball athletes and Texas A&M University roommates. The team routinely uploads content consisting of videos of trick shots and maneuvers with accompanying music. Additionally, they upload videos of friendly “game battles” between individuals, as well as videos of creative variations on various sports with unique rules. In addition, they upload ‘Stereotypes’ videos, which are a collection of brief comedic/satirical clips enacted by team members.

In January 2018, they debuted their video series ‘Overtime,’ which parodies talk show formats. It is already exceedingly renowned. Their recorded and uploaded recordings of basketball games played in their backyard received 200,000 views within a week. Their Sky Ranch trick shot video has received over 18 million views. The group declared that they would sponsor a child through Compassion International for every 100,000 views the video obtains.

The team released its self-titled mobile game in 2011, followed by Dude Perfect 2, Endless Ducker, and That’s Lit. The ensemble holds a number of Guinness World Records. Dude Perfect is the most subscribed channel in the United States and the sixth most subscribed channel on YouTube. Additionally, it is the most subscribed-to sports channel on YouTube.

In 2009, the team set the record for the longest basketball stroke ever. In 2018, the ‘Overtime’ team surpassed the records for the longest barefoot Lego walk and the longest pea blow in one breath. The Dude Perfect ensemble was chosen for a CMT television series titled “The Dude Perfect Show,” which debuted in 2016. The second season of the program aired on Nickelodeon.

Cory’s Personal Facts

Cory Cotton was born in The Woodlands, Dallas, Texas, in the United States on July 17, 1987. His identical brother’s name is Coby Cotton. From 2006 to 2010, Cory attended Texas A&M University and earned a bachelor’s degree in speech communications. His spouse is Amy Cotton.

Estimated Net Worth

Cory is one of the wealthiest American YouTube stars. Cory Cotton has a net worth of $5 million, according to our analysis of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.