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Courtney Anne Mitchell is a Canadian fashion model and Corey Feldman’s third wife. Feldman is a well-known American actor and singer. Courtney began her career as a model at a very early age and is currently affiliated with numerous prominent fashion houses. She has appeared on the cover of the men’s lifestyle and entertainment publication Playboy. She has appeared in multiple music videos for Corey’s tracks, leading to their eventual romance. The couple appeared on the reality television program ‘Celebrity Wife Swap.’ Courtney is extremely active on social media, where she frequently posts spiritual reflections.

Courtney Anne’s Career

Courtney was always enthusiastic about music, fashion, ballet, and theater. When she began her vocation as a model, she was only 10 years old. Her career as a model began when she won a children’s attractiveness contest. Following this, she participated in a few modeling assignments, but her professional career did not begin until she was 21 years old. She attended London’s ‘Ministry of Sound’ in order to become a professional DJ while concurrently working in the institute’s private workshop.

Playboy, the leading men’s lifestyle and entertainment publication, gave Courtney her big break. She had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned photographer Waldy Martens, and her extraordinary photographs earned her an invitation to the “Playboy Mansion.” Courtney soon began networking with the industry’s top models and entertainers. This later aided in the development of her vocation.

Courtney collaborated with legendary ‘Playboy’ photographer David Mecey, who had worked with the magazine for over two decades, and Emmy-nominated makeup artist Michelle Vanderhule. Courtney became David’s regular model after the team’s excellent work. He advertised her participation in one of his prestigious “Ultimate Photo Workshops.”

Then, Courtney collaborated with the renowned ‘Sports Illustrated photographer Brian B Hayes. This modeling assignment garnered her an interview and photoshoot in the May 2012 issue of Canada’s premier French-language magazine, “Summum.” The same magazine also bestowed her the title “Belle De Jour.”

Courtney has appeared in numerous music videos by Corey, including ‘Ascension Millennium.’ She also appeared in an episode of the television series ‘LA Rangers’ alongside Corey. She was named the company’s ambassador. Courtney also served as the DJ during Corey’s Angelic 2 the Core album promotion tour. As a couple, they appeared on the reality program ‘Celebrity Wife Swap.’

On the program, Courtney collaborated with the comedian Tommy Davidson. Their appearance on the program was praised by both critics and viewers. Courtney plays the keyboard and is the DJ for Corey’s band, ‘Corey Feldman and the Angels,’ whose performance on ‘The Today Show’ was disastrous and infamous.

Courtney Mitchell’s Marriage

Courtney and Corey developed romantic feelings for one another while working on their respective endeavors together. Eventually, their professional relationship blossomed into love. However, they were uncertain about marriage. After approximately four years of dating, Corey proposed to Courtney. It was a written proposition accompanied by a ring.

Courtney responded positively, and the couple became betrothed shortly thereafter. Corey and Courtney wed in a private ceremony at Sir Elton John’s ‘Fizz Champagne Lounge’ at ‘Caesars Palace’ in Las Vegas, two weeks after their engagement. Marklen Kennedy, creator of the American reality TV series ‘Gigolos,’ officiated their nuptials. The pre-wedding celebration included a bachelor party at Las Vegas’s renowned “Chateau Nightclub.”

Courtney may not intend to become a mother in the near future, but she is a devoted stepmother to Zen, Corey’s son. Zen is Corey’s son from a prior relationship with Susie. Courtney has supported Corey throughout his life’s ups and downs. She stood by her spouse as he struggled with childhood memories of being victimized by pedophiles. He has referred to Courtney on multiple occasions as his spiritual mentor.

Social Media Presence

Courtney is extremely engaged on her social media accounts. As a spiritual individual, Courtney frequently posts spiritual musings and quotes on her Instagram account. She promotes veganism on Instagram as well. She may be secretive about her spouse, but she does not hesitate to share adorable photos of herself and Corey.

Mitchell’s Personal Life

Courtney Anne Mitchell was born in Kelowna, British Columbia, on January 28, 1989. She grew up alongside her siblings, Evan and Beverly. Courtney developed a passion for dance at a young age. At the age of eight, she began to tap dance lessons. Her passion for dance eventually grew to encompass lyrical dance and ballet.

Estimated Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Courtney Anne Mitchell is $3 million dollars.

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