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One of the best gaming accounts on YouTube is run by Craig Thompson, better known by his stage name Mini Ladd. He has an impressive 565 million views for about 800 movies on his channel, with over 3.6 million subscribers. He deftly incorporates comedy into his gaming, which has drawn a large number of young people to follow him on other social media platforms as well. He has a million Instagram fans and 888K Twitter followers. He frequently “tweets,” updating his followers on his most recent gameplays and vids. In addition, he posts “Q&A” recordings to his channel. He uploads videos of himself playing video games with his pals, who go by the usernames “VanossGaming,” “H2O Delirious,” “BasicallyIDoWrk,” and others, and this has made gaming into a craze. In a few of the games that he posts, he has high player ratings. COD, GMod, Dead Realm, and GTA 5 are the titles he frequently plays in his gaming videos.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

He first discovered YouTube during the summer before his sophomore year of high school and developed a preference for uploading games. He began to treat it seriously and decided to devote his entire university year to it. He abandoned his university education and quickly rose to fame as a YouTuber. He primarily posted “Call of Duty” commentary when he first started his account.

At first, he didn’t make enough money and didn’t have as many subscribers, but in 2013, after he uploaded a video called “3V3 Riot Shield Battle,” his subscriber count skyrocketed. His gaming videos are made in such a way as to provide a dramatic summary of his material and make it appear to be a brief film.

By frequently publishing vlogs, he also maintains his followers informed about his travels and daily life. He asserts that as long as he continues to be relevant to current video games and maintains his sense of humor, his videos will continue to attract viewers and receive the attention they currently receive for years to come.

Why Craig Thompson Is So Unique?

Craig is affable and loves to have fun. His multiplayer videos make it abundantly clear that he gets along well with his pals. He is also very appreciative of his supporters. In an interview, he said that it was because of them that he was able to grow his channel and make it a profession. He also values his family and frequent journeys between LA and Britain to see them and spend time together.

He attempts to keep it straightforward yet humorous and uses only original content. He is tall and extremely attractive. He supports charitable causes and has a lovely spirit. He recently donated $55,000 to a cause through a charity stream and then dyed his hair pink because he had told his fans that he would do so if the amount reached $35,000.

Craig’s Past Honors

Since he was a young child until now, Craig has been a lovely person who has always been kind and approachable. He enjoys taking trips and spending a lot of time with his family, but his busy timetable rarely allows him to do this. Animal lover that he is, he misses his dog Sparky who resides with his parents.

He has always shown compassion in his prior relationships and is very close with his friends. Because he enjoys playing video games, he turned his pastime into a job. To express his gratitude to and engage with his fans more, he enjoys traveling on tours.

Behind The Scenes

Before his parents relocated to the UK, where he spent his formative years, he was born in Dubai. His mother is North Irish and his father is British, giving him the ideal mix of both cultures. James is Craig’s sibling, and the two of them have a close relationship. More so than being siblings, they pass for pals. Craig excelled academically throughout his time in school, and even after learning about YouTube in secondary school, he continued to pursue his education while growing his account.

He didn’t understand he wanted to concentrate more on his YouTube career until he was a student. He presently resides in Los Angeles after relocating from Britain to the city for work. He has had partnerships in the past that haven’t worked out well for him romantically. Dawn was his most recent ex-girlfriend; despite the fact that they were a perfect match, they never really clicked. Craig, however, had consistently devoted his all to the connection. He is presently single and focusing on developing his career and his product line.

Estimated  Net Worth

American graphic artist Craig Thompson has a $1 million fortune. In September 1975, Craig Thompson was born in Traverse City, Michigan. He writes, sketches, and inks. In 1999, Thompson published the graphic books Goodbye, Chucky Rice, Blankets, Carnet de Voyage, Habibi, and Space Dumplins.


When he allegedly became the youngest boy to ever skydive in New Zealand at the age of eight, he broke a mark.