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Cape Elizabeth, Maine
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Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Popularly known as CrankGameplays, Ethan Mark Nestor is an American vlogger, YouTuber, and pundit for video games. He is well-liked by gamers due to his peculiarities. He goes by the nickname “the loud blue lad who plays video games,” and he has dark blue hair. Ethan is a skilled video producer and one of the most well-known figures on the social networking site YouTube. He was formerly the video editor for online producer Mark Edward Fischbach, better known online as Markiplier. In 2012, he launched his first YouTube channel, and in 2013, he launched his second. The most popular channel, nevertheless, is the third one that he started in December 2015. CrankGameplays, his most popular gaming channel on YouTube, quickly rose to prominence and established his value as a vlogger. As of April 2018, his YouTube channel had more than 591k subscribers. His voice is ideal for an animated character, and his admirers find his videos to be quite amusing!

Become a Star

On August 29, 2012, Ethan Mark Nestor launched his first YouTube channel. It did not become very well-liked. He launched his second YouTube channel, “Cranky Vlogs,” in May 2013. He provides daily vlog updates to his followers on this channel. On December 1st, 2015, he created his third YouTube channel, CrankGameplays.

As of April 2018, he had more than 591k subscribers and over 40 million views on his popular channel. With his silly yet expertly edited and animated movies, this YouTube sensation with a boy-next-door persona quickly gained popularity.

His video “CrankGameplays Animated|Mr. Massagy,” which has received over 830k views, is now his most popular. The film demonstrates how sexy Mr. Massagy is and how no lady can resist him. With 747k views to date, the second most watched video is titled “Warning: Do Not Watch This | Reddit 50/50.”

Despite some obscene content, the video is well-animated and polished. With 660k views, the third most-watched video is titled “Please Stop | Try Not To Cringe.”

There are other intriguing subcategories on the CrankGameplays channel, including “Old CrankGameplays” with 507 videos, “Best of CrankGameplays” with 99 videos, “CupHead,” and “Until Dawn,” among others.

His Individual Life

On October 24, 1996, Ethan Mark Nestor was born in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, in the United States. He intended to take a year off when he graduated from Cape Elizabeth High School in 2015. In order to concentrate on YouTube, he relocated to Portland, Maine.

He had initially intended to enroll at Full Sail University, but after a year he opted against it and instead chose to focus on being a video editor and producer. He has a brother named Andrew who is older.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is CrankGameplays. Our investigation of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider revealed a $5 million net worth for CrankGameplays.