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The well-known American musician, singer, and actor Crystal Bernard is currently living a tranquil, media-free existence after leaving the entertainment industry. She began singing gospel music in the church choir when she was a small child. The Monkey Song, a song she co-wrote with her older sister Robyn when she was eight years old, is still well-known today. Her most well-known performance was as “Helen Chappell” in the NBC sitcom “Wings.” Her other well-known television performances include those in serials and TV movies including “Happy Days,” “The Love Boat,” and “Meet the Santas.” She has also appeared in a number of films, including “Welcome to Paradise,” “Slumber Party Massacre II,” and “Young Doctors in Love.” She had a passion for songwriting at first. She has two studio albums under her belt, along with a number of singles. She has written songs for vocalists like Tracie Spencer and Lisa Stansfield in addition to penning the majority of her own compositions. Although she has been involved in several relations, she is thought to be single at the moment. Although there have been reports to the contrary, there is no proof that she secretly wed fellow musician Peter Cetera.

Early Childhood & Life

Crystal Lynn Bernard was born on September 30, 1961, to Dr. Jerry Wayne Bernard and Gaylon Fussell in Garland, Texas, in the United States. Her father was a Southern Baptist televangelist who traveled the US preaching and singing. She is the second-oldest of her four sisters, who are all sisters. Angelique, Scarlett, and Robyn are her sisters’ names. Robyn developed as a member of the entertainment industry.

The four sisters joined the church choir at a young age and even traveled with their father on some of his televangelist excursions, performing gospel tunes. The Monkey Song, a song Crystal co-wrote with her older sister Robyn, was recorded when Crystal was eight years old and has endured to this day.
In Oak Creek Village, Houston, Texas, where she attended the “Bammel Middle School,” she spent her formative years. She later attended “Spring High School” and “Baylor University,” where she majored in acting and international relations. Her primary career aspiration was to write songs. But she quickly also became interested in acting. Additionally, she pursued acting training at Houston, Texas’ “Alley Theatre.”

Career of Crystal Bernard

In 1982, she made her television debut in the NBC sitcom “Gimme a Break!” as “Kelly.” In the same year, she was cast in the popular television series “Happy Days,” where she made 16 appearances as “KC Cunningham” between 1982 and 1983.

She then had appearances in a number of serials, including “Fantasy Island,” “High School USA,” and “The Love Boat” (1983–1985). She also played the character “Amy Tompkins” in 93 episodes of the television series “It’s a Living,” which aired from 1985 to 1989.

She quickly rose to fame on television and starred in a number of TV movies, including 1990’s “Without Her Consent” and “Miracle Child” (1993). She is best remembered, though, for playing the obstinate lunch counter employee Helen Chappell in the 172 episodes of the NBC sitcom Wings. Her popularity increased thanks to the show, which also gave her a lot of fan affection.

Her most recent TV appearances were for the TV movies “Grave Misconduct,” “Meet the Santas,” and “A Face to Kill for” (all from 2005). (2008).

Her television debut and her film debut both happened in 1982, virtually simultaneously. Her co-star from “Happy Days,” Ted McGinley, appeared with her in her first movie, “Young Doctors in Love.” Her other film roles include Cheryl in “Jackpot,” Jean MacLemore in “Gideon,” and Courtney Bates in the 1987 horror film “Slumber Party Massacre II” (2001).

Her acting abilities were soon recognized, and in 1999 she was asked to take part in the Los Angeles production of the play “Crimes of the Heart.” Her portrayal of “Annie Oakley” in the “Marquis Theatre” revival of the play “Annie Get Your Gun” came right after this. She recently performed in the West Coast premiere of “Barbra’s Wedding” with playwright/actor Daniel Stern.

As a vocalist and songwriter, Crystal Bernard has a distinguished musical resume. She has two successful albums, “Girl Next Door” and “Don’t Touch Me There,” which were both published in 1996 and 1999 with the label “River North.” A gospel song from her second album was co-written and recorded with her father.

She and musician Rhett Lawrence collaborated on the song “If I Were Your Girl,” which appears on Paula Abdul’s album “Head over Heels.” She has a handful of successful singles of her own and has been in the music videos for “Hey,” “State of Mind,” and “Have We Forgotten What Love Is” (1999).

Most of her songs have lyrics that she has written, and she has also written songs for well-known performers like Tracie Spencer, Debbie, Angie Winans, and Lisa Stansfield. She is still regarded in the American entertainment industry even if she is retired at the moment and stays off social media.

Bigger Works of Crystal Bernard

Young Doctors in Love (1982), Slumber Party Massacre II (1987), Gideon (1999), Jackpot (2001), and Welcome to Paradise are a few of Crystal Bernard’s notable films (2007).
She has also appeared in a variety of TV series and motion pictures, including “Gimme a Break!,” “Happy Days,” “Fantasy Island,” “The Love Boat,” “It’s a Living,” “Wings,” “According to Jim,” “Meet the Santas,” and “Grave Misconduct” (2008).

The two studio albums she has released are “Girl Next Door” and “Don’t Touch Me There.” Her music videos include “Have We Forgotten What Love Is” (1996), “State of Mind” (1997), and “Hey” in addition to a variety of songs (1999).

Recognition & Achievements

In 2003, her name was included in the “Hair Fan’s Hall of Fame.”

Personal Legacy & Life

Despite having a Southern Baptist upbringing, she does not firmly believe in marriage as a sacrament and has engaged in a number of relationships without entering into a committed commitment or marriage. She is thought to be single right now.

One of her first boyfriends was Grammy-winner Michael Shipley, but the connection fizzled out quickly. She was also Tony Thomas’s longtime girlfriend in the past. But they never got hitched. Ann Souder and Tony later got married, while Crystal opted to stay single. Along with Billy Dean from “A Face to Kill For,” Rush Limbaugh is another individual who has been linked to her name. She doesn’t appear to have any immediate plans to be married, though.

In 2008, Crystal Bernard made the decision to leave the entertainment industry, and she has since kept a low profile. Her alleged covert marriage to singer Peter Cetera, with whom she had recorded a duet in 1995, has recently been the subject of speculation. The rumor hasn’t been confirmed yet, though.

Crystal Bernard’s Net Worth

American actress and singer-songwriter Crystal Bernard has a $5 million dollar net worth. Crystal Bernard started her professional performing career as a singer, sharing the stage with her sister and recording gospel CDs. She was born in Garland, Texas. She received her first training in theater at the Alley Theater in Houston, Texas, and later transferred to Baylor University to study theater and international relations. In the early 1980s, she made her on-camera debut in a recurring role on the tenth season of “Happy Days.” She then went on to make guest appearances and co-starring appearances in a number of movies and television shows, including Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, It’s a Living, Slumber Party Massacre II, My Two Dads, When Will I Be Loved, Gideon, Miracle Child, According to Jim, and Grave Misconduct. She is well known for her starring role in “Wings,” a popular sitcom. Additionally, she has two country CDs out.


Her distinctive Southern belle accent is well-known.
She represents the brand of Phoenix, Arizona-based bottled water company “O Premium Waters.”