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Knoxville, Tennessee
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Knoxville, Tennessee

Glenn Thomas Jacobs, best known by his ring name “Kane,” is a well-known wrestler. His wife is Crystal Maurisa Goins. Since their 1995 wedding, Crystal and Glenn Jacobs have been blessed with two children, a grandson, and a granddaughter. Crystal Maurisa Goins served as a counselor at “East Tennessee State University” for many years after receiving a master’s degree in psychology. She and her spouse Glenn later founded The Jacobs Agency Allstate Insurance as an insurance provider. Currently, she and her spouse, WWE star Kane, reside in Knox County, Tennessee.

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Childhood and Career

American citizen Crystal Maurisa Goins was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1960. She attended “Elizabeth High School,” where she received her high school diploma, and was reared in Tennessee. After high school, Crystal attended “East Tennessee State University” and earned a degree in Psychology there. She later continued on to get her master’s in psychology.

At East Tennessee State University, she began her professional life. She began working as a counselor right after graduating, and she held that position up until 2013. She and her spouse Glenn later founded The Jacobs Agency Allstate Insurance as an insurance provider. Their business offers commercial, life, home, car, and other types of insurance. Additionally, it provides one of the top retirement plans to its customers.

In addition to running an insurance business, Crystal has experience working for numerous non-profits. Crystal has worked to save the lives of numerous creatures in her community.

As she has a sizable follower base on numerous social media platforms, Crystal Maurisa is also a well-known figure on those platforms. She frequently offers advice for improving one’s home’s appearance on Twitter. Additionally, she communicates with her admirers and followers on social media.

Personal & Family Life

When Crystal Maurisa Goins married the well-known wrestler and actor Glenn Thomas Jacobs, better known as “Kane,” she immediately began dominating the spotlight. Glenn Thomas and Crystal Maurisa wed on August 23, 1995, and they’ve been living together ever since.

They shared two girls and are now proud grandparents to two grandchildren. Seven years separate Crystal Maurisa Goins and her spouse. But over the years, their age difference hasn’t really been a problem or had much of an impact on their partnership.

Interior design and decoration are particularly interesting to Crystal Maurisa. She is well-known on Twitter in part because of her ability to offer practical advice on how to improve the appearance of one’s home. In helping her spouse succeed in everything he does, Crystal is essential. Crystal has been Glenn Thomas’ greatest source of support throughout his entire life, whether it be in his political or grappling careers.

Estimated Net Worth

The estimated net wealth of Crystal Maurisa Goins is $9 million. She has accumulated significant wealth as a result of her successful work.