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American internet sensation Crystal Westbrooks is also a model and actress. She rose to fame after taking part in the television show “The Westbrooks,” which also included her sisters. She later went on to establish herself as a well-known social media personality by sharing her gorgeous photos on Tumblr and Instagram. She shares photographs from her photo shoots on her social media pages as well. She has more than a million followers on Instagram. For her amazing sense of style, Crystal is adored. Her foray into the fashion industry as a result led her to acquire a swimsuit-selling web store. Her own range of hair care products has also been introduced. Due to her free-spirited personality, Crystal is frequently referred to as a “hippie.”

Fame on social media

India, the younger sister of Crystal Westbrooks, rose to fame online after publishing her photos. She gave Crystal the idea to post arbitrary photos on Tumblr, and Crystal simply loved the concept and started doing it herself. They were able to take high-quality images back then since their father possessed a high-definition camera. Many people were drawn to Crystal’s beautiful appearance, and her account gained lots of followers.

Crystal quickly rose to fame on the internet. Later, she opened an Instagram account, where she swiftly racked up more than a million followers. She gradually began receiving numerous modeling offers from prestigious fashion companies. Numerous clothing companies who offered her modeling contracts also approached her. Crystal is connected to the online clothing store “Harley Dreux.”

Fans asked Crystal to share her hair care routine after she became well-known for having golden locks. As a result, Crystal launched her own line of products designed exclusively for maintaining curly hair. The range of products includes a leave-in conditioner, a leave-in conditioner for curly hair, and shampoo and conditioner.

After that, Crystal introduced a collection of reasonably priced swimwear on her website. She sells women’s beachwear and swimwear on her website, Crystal Bleus. For her website, which sells affordable clothing, Crystal acted as a model.

Her father had uploaded numerous recordings of all his daughters to the internet. Many producers approached Crystal and her sisters and expressed their interest in creating a TV series after these videos attracted the attention of production companies. The plan was to create a show that was similar to the Kardashians’.

After much deliberation, Crystal and her sisters settled on the television network known as “Black Entertainment Television.” The Westbrooks was the name of the program, and the first episode premiered in 2015. The program detailed every second of their life and emphasized the bond they have with one another.

The Westbrook sisters were likened to the Kardashians and referred to as their rivals after the premiere of the show. Some experts, however, cautioned that their rising popularity online might have an impact on their appeal offline. Additionally, they warned that the show would cause a gap in the sisters’ relationships. A few days later, Crystal and her sisters appeared on the chat show “The Zoo,” where they dispelled rumors that had been going around since the series’ debut.

Although Crystal has a YouTube channel, she hasn’t yet added any videos to it. She has stated in the description area of her channel that she won’t begin uploading videos until she reaches 5,000 subscribers.

Individual Life of Crystal Westbrooks

Florida was the place of Crystal Westbrooks’ birth on March 6, 1993. The three older sisters she has are Bree, Morgan, and Brooke. India, her younger sister, is well-known online. Rapper and actor Drake was said to be dating Crystal. India, Crystal’s younger sister, and Crystal got into a fight because of their friendship with Drake. India could not tolerate the thought of her sister dating Drake because they had dated for a while. On their individual Twitter accounts, they each made a number of comments, and they were also spotted yelling at one another.

Because Crystal is a free-spirited individual, her friends refer to her as a “Hippie.” Her sense of style is a reflection of her independent character. Crystal is now excited to pursue an acting career. She intends to introduce her own line of high-definition cameras, according to some sources.

Crystal Westbrooks’s Net Worth

Crystal Westbrooks has a net worth of $1 million. She is a reality television star from the United States. In March 1994, Crystal Westbrooks was born in Compton, California. She is most known for her role as The Westbrooks in the reality television series. India Love, her sister, also appears in the BET-aired program. The Westbrooks have been compared to the Kardashians in certain ways. After opening her account in 2013, Crystal Westbrooks now has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram. She earned a business degree from Texas Southern University in 2016. Harley Dreux, an online retailer of clothes, and Westbrooks have partnered. In 2016, she also made an appearance in an episode of the TV program Minay TV.