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Dahvie Vanity is an American pop singer who rose to prominence in 2012 with his album “Evolution.” He is a member of the American band ‘Blood on the Dance Floor,’ and the main vocalist. The band used to have six members, including Vanity, but now it’s down to only two. Dahvie Vanity and his fiancée, Fallon Ven Detta, are the current members of the band, and they have released four singles to date. “Call Me Master,” “Bewitched,” “I Refuse to Sink,” “I Am a Monster,” “Candyland,” and so on are some of his most well-known tunes. Dahvie Vanity is dedicated to his craft and believes that his success is due to the love of his fans. He is also a philanthropist, having given money to a children’s home that cares for children whose parents are either in prison or addicted to drugs. Vanity is always striving to do his followers and his profession justice.

Career of Dahvie

In 2007, Dahvie Vanity, together with his pals Christopher Mongillo and Rebecca Fugate, decided to start a music band called ‘Love the Fashion,’ but eventually changed the name to ‘Blood on the Dance Floor.’ The band worked hard to produce their debut album, ‘Let’s Start a Riot,’ and it was a success.

However, due to a lack of advertising, the record failed to capture the public’s attention. ‘It’s Hard to Be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World’ was the band’s next album, and they began recording it. Mongillo and Fugate were unable to participate in the Orlando trips, therefore the group disbanded.

Vanity encountered Garret Ecstasy (McLaughlin) during the tour and worked with him to make a few musicals. However it didn’t take long to replace Ecstasy and welcome Jayy Von Monroe and Matty M, but after Matty departed the group for unclear reasons, the trio became a duet.

The duo then began performing and released several hit albums, including ‘Epic’ (in 2009). They also went on tour in America after the album reached number five on the Billboard chart.

For their fourth album, ‘All the Rage,’ ‘Blood on the Dance Floor’ collaborated with a number of musicians (released in June 2011). The CD was a smash hit, and as a thank you, the band gave away songs for free via a Facebook app.

The crowd also enjoyed the band’s next album, ‘Evolution’ (issued in June 2012), and EP, ‘The Anthem of the Outcast’ (released in October 2012).

Dahvie’s Scandal Controversies

Vanity appears to be a contentious child. He is always surrounded by lies. Some believe he’s a child molester with a strange sense of make-up.

Some also believe his musical and fashion choices are particularly undesirable. But, as a musician, Vanity has used his song “Crucified by Your Lies” to react against all the allegations and hostility. Vanity has built a large and loyal fan base as a result of his bizarre activities.

Dahvie’s Personal Experiences

Dahvie Vanity was born in North Carolina on September 5, 1984. He was born into a poor household and grew up in a trailer. Vanity gets along well with his parents, who have mixed feelings about their son’s artistic accomplishments. The family moved to Florida in the hopes of bettering their situation.

Vanity has had a passion for music since she was a child and has always aspired to be in the entertainment industry. He received a lot of help from his family, which he is grateful for. He also has a half-sister with whom he has a close relationship.

Vanity has a thorough approach to his profession, and his attention to detail has helped him achieve success. He is a powerful individual who ensures that no criticism detracts from his inherent abilities.

Estimated Net worth

Dahvie Vanity, is an electronic musician, and vocalist from the United States, with a net worth of $3 million.

Dahvie Vanity was born in September 1984 in North Carolina. He is maybe best known as one half of the electronica duo Blood on the Dance Floor.