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Dakota Brooks is a popular YouTuber known for his story time videos that he uploads to his channel, “Dakota.” The channel now has 20,000 or more subscribers. The majority of Dakota’s videos on the channel are vlogged about his daily activities. Due to his calm demeanor, he has gained a lot of fans. He has become well-known on social media sites like YouNow and Instagram in addition to YouTube. He was a devoted soccer supporter and had a successful career at the US Soccer Academy. Dakota wants to be an actor and a model. Additionally, he has appeared in a few periodicals and journals.

Dakota’s YouTube Story

Dakota had no intention of using social media as a career or to become more well-known. He has always had a passion for athletics and played soccer when he was younger. After mastering a few fundamental moves, he went to an institution to get expert instruction. He thus continued his preparation by enrolling in US Soccer Academy. He participated in the sport for a sizable amount of time at the academy.

When Dakota was given the news that he had Tourette syndrome, his life took an unexpected turn. A neurological disease called Tourette syndrome makes it difficult for the patient to focus on one subject in particular. Physical or verbal tics are also present in those with Tourette syndrome.

When Dakota entered his adolescent years, he began acting strangely. At first, his parents believed it to be typical teenage behavior. Dakota’s behavior progressively deteriorated. After that, the illness was confirmed by a specialist who had examined him.

His life began to significantly change during this time. He began interacting with others and frequently told them about his problem in an effort to increase his self-confidence. He then made the decision to execute it on a larger scale and resorted to social media as a result. In 2014, he founded his YouTube channel and began posting several storytime videos.

He released his first video regarding Tourette syndrome first. He discussed his personal experiences and offered coping mechanisms in the video. Additionally, he published a video in which he demonstrated his response to having tics.

Since the film was positively appreciated, Dakota felt more confident about uploading other videos of this nature. Although Dakota usually uploads storytime videos to his channel, he takes sure to post a variety of films to keep his audience interested.

He has uploaded several movies about his fiancée, his travels, his daily activities, and a few strange occurrences. A three-part film on his trip to Kauai Island was afterward posted by him. He also related a time when he had a near-death encounter.

He continued to describe the occurrence, saying that after briefly becoming unconscious, he felt as though he had come back to life. Additionally, Dakota posted a question-and-answer video. He consumed hot peppers and vomited in front of the camera in one of his strangest films.

Dakota has become more well-known outside of YouTube on YouNow and Instagram as well. He frequently posts photos of himself, his fiancée, and his pet on Instagram. His YouNow page has more than 80,000 followers. Dakota progressively became more interested in acting and modeling as he made more videos for various social media platforms. His attractiveness was a further benefit, which inspired him to pursue an acting career.

Dakota then began attending acting auditions and sent his resume to numerous modeling agencies. Finally, he was able to secure a few modeling contracts and publications in magazines like “J-14” and “Daydream Magazine.”

Additionally, he has appeared in the renowned “Rolling Stone” magazine. Dakota opted to pursue acting as a full-time career since he enjoyed the experience. Dakota gave up playing soccer in 2015 to concentrate more on his acting and modeling careers.

Dakota’s Individual Life

American citizen Dakota Brooks was born in New Hampshire on February 9, 2000. Alongside his two younger brothers, he grew up. Dakota visits his extended relatives in Arizona on a regular basis. Because of his disorder, he also needs to travel frequently.

He is quite proud to admit that throughout his time at the Soccer Academy, soccer player Dimitry Imbongo acted as his mentor. His dog is called Jada. In a relationship with fellow YouTuber Kaziah, Dakota.

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