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Dale Cregan, a notorious English drug dealer, and murderer, was found guilty of four killings that he carried out in a short period of time in 2012. Dale, who was born and reared in Greater Manchester, started using and selling marijuana in his senior year of high school. By the time he was 22, he had started peddling drugs on the streets. He also developed a very unhealthy fetish for knives and other murderous implements. Due to the absence of his left eye, Dale is also known as “One Eye.” Although Dale insists that the injury was the result of a street brawl, this has not been verified by any source, and the actual reason for the injury is still unknown. He soon became involved with several street gangsters. He murdered Mark Short, his first victim, in May 2012, and Mark Short’s father not long after. He later killed two police officers, and in June 2013, after a protracted trial, he was given a life sentence. His current location is “HM Prison Full Sutton.”

Early Childhood & Life

Paul and Anita Marie welcomed Dale Cregan into the world on June 6, 1983, in Greater Manchester. Their middle kid, he was. With an older brother and a younger sister, he grew up. Dale’s father left the family not long after his sister was born and moved in with a new woman.

Dale was fatherless growing up and resented his father for abandoning them. As this animosity became stronger, Dale became a very hostile youngster.

Dale attended Droylsden’s “Littlemoss High School.” Dave began selling drugs while still in high school in order to supplement his income. He soon began trading marijuana.

Dale was a highly aggressive child when he was younger, which occasionally led to clashes with other street hooligans. Instead of going to college, he entered the drug trade since it offered quick money.

When Dale became an adult, he immediately began to have a fetish for blades. He became a notorious youngster and began showing an interest in heavy weapons. He spent roughly 18 months living with his sister in Tenerife during which time he amassed a collection of weaponry by making money illegally.

Work in the Drug Trade

Dale Cregan began to make quite a bit of money as he got more involved in the drug trade. When he was 22 years old, he began distributing cocaine and was earning close to 20,000 pounds a week.

He lived a wealthy lifestyle, taking frequent vacations to far-off places. He reserved suites at posh hotels. He also frequently traveled to Amsterdam, which is well-known for having a black market for weapons.

He had his left eye hacked out during one of those visits, and he braggingly displayed it in front of his friends. He claimed that it was because of a brawl that took place in Thailand. It is yet unclear what caused the problem.

He began a committed romantic relationship with Georgia Merriman while living a wealthy lifestyle. At the age of 24, Dale had a child, and the family moved into a luxurious three-bedroom flat in Droylsden. He had no idea that he was approaching the domain of infamous gangster David Short.

David Short was a notorious and well-feared criminal. Soon after Dale arrived in the area, he began to notice Dale’s opulent lifestyle. The inevitable quarrel began to develop and came to a merciless conclusion.

The Offenses of Dale Cregan

On May 25, 2010, at the “Cotton Tree” pub in Droylsden, Dale fatally shot David’s son Mark. He had also attempted to kill three other individuals during the shooting, but they were able to flee. Mark passed away instantly. The two outlaws developed a bitter rivalry as a result of this.

Dale was secretly informed by David Short that he would rape Dale’s four-year-old kid and then kill him in retaliation. This fueled Dale’s rage even more, and he devised a cunning scheme to murder David.

David was shot nine times by Dale on August 10, 2012, killing him instantly. Dale shot David and then threw a hand grenade at his body, which caused it to explode. Given that David’s body was found in a severely disfigured state, the murder was brutal and graphic.

After this encounter, Dale began to lose his mind and ended up killing two police officers. On September 18, 2012, he called a fake emergency number to trick the police into going to his house. In that location, he killed Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes by killing them with grenades after shooting them with 32 rounds in 31 seconds. The policemen passed away instantly.

The authorities launched a very active manhunt as a result of this. But Dale took off running. He maintained contact with some of his buddies while he was on the run and boasted about the $50,000 reward on his head.
He lived life to the fullest, even though he was hiding. He resided in upscale hotels, drank beer, and snorted cocaine. He was unable to escape for a protracted period of time, but in February 2013, he finally surrendered.

Trial and Life in Prison

On February 4, 2013, his trial officially began, and for the first few weeks, he was held at the “Manchester” Prison. Finally, his trial started at the “Preston Crown Court,” with tight security. The convoy that brought him from the prison to the court included automobiles, helicopters, and bikes.

There were police snipers posted in the surrounding structures. One of the most high-profile and pricey trials the nation had witnessed in a very long time was this one. Over five million pounds were reportedly invested to avert any unpleasant incidents during the trial.

Dale is alleged to have ordered the jail personnel to help him appear more attractive after becoming mindful of his appearance during his trial. He asked them to trim his long hair and shave his beard. He had lengthy baths and dressed freshly for the trials.

Dale had two examinations each day. His missing left eye was the main focus of these inspections. The police suspected something was wrong and were suspicious.

When the trial was finally over, Dale was found guilty of all four homicides and three physical assaults. The court sentenced him to life in jail with a whole-life order due to the grisly nature of the murders he committed. It implied that Dale would undoubtedly spend the remainder of his life in prison. On June 13, 2013, the last hearing took conducted.

Dale began a hunger strike at the “HM Prison Full Sutton” only a few months after being detained. In September 2013, police had to transport him to “Ashworth Hospital” due to some major health difficulties that resulted from this.

After his capture and life sentence, the Manchester underworld experienced some horrifying shootouts for a period.

Estimated Net Worth

Dale Cregan is one of the wealthiest and most well-known murderers. Our research of Dale Cregan’s net worth from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that it is roughly $1.5 million.