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A very young internet celebrity named Damon Fizzy has a sizable fan base. Damon Fizzy is a complete artist who focuses on entertaining his fans in a variety of ways, as opposed to just honing a select few talents, like singing and dancing. In 2008, he published his first online video, titled “Chicks Dig Me Because I Wear Axe.” This was followed by a number of other amusing videos with jokes and other amusing material. His first few videos were very popular and garnered a large following across all major social media platforms.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

Later, he created two distinct YouTube Channels with the names DamonFizzy and DeeFizzy, where he posted various types of videos with the same goal in mind: to make people happy. Both of these networks were well-liked by young people and teenagers and were successful. After gaining a sizable following across all the main social media platforms, Damon Fizzy concentrated on enhancing his reputation.

Together with fellow YouTuber Matthew Lush, he published a makeover video in 2015 with the title “The New Me.” Damon Fizzy began to establish himself as a significant personality rather than a minor social media sensation as soon as the video was released. He also began performing live on YouNow that year, with recordings that were ultimately uploaded to YouTube and other networks. Despite having a later career initiation than other social media stars, Damon Fizzy developed into a mature star by carving out his own niche. He eventually attained the role of a youthful icon with a sizable fanbase among young people. Numerous corporations, like Ford, have begun hiring him as their brand ambassador due to his popularity.

Why Damon Fizzy Is So Unique?

When an artist lives according to their principles, that is one of the key things that sets them apart. Damon stated that his major goal when starting his YouTube channel was to keep everyone pleased. What sets Damon Fizzy apart from other artists of his generation is the way he continues to act in accordance with this goal.

Past Fame of Damon Fizzy

One of the most popular musicians in the USA right now is known as Damon Fizzy. He too prefers to be joyful all the time, staying true to his goal of making others happy. He prefers to avoid controversies as a result of this. He is reputed to keep amicable connections with all his co-stars. According to information in the public domain, Damon Fizzy is not currently involved in any relationships. However, back in 2015, there were some speculations that went about on social media that Damon Fizzy was dating another YouTube star named Carson Fanikos. Even some media outlets said he was having an affair with singer Taylor Swift. However, Damon Fizzy denied these claims, claiming that he was not currently involved in any affairs. In addition to being a YouTube star, he is an entrepreneur. He built an e-commerce website that sells various items aimed at his youthful admirers, such as T-Shirts and Wrist Bands, by capitalizing on the youths’ obsession with him.

Behind the Scenes

Because Damon Fizzy was born into a white American family, his family had a high reputation in society. He spent every day of his boyhood in Spring Hill, the city where he was born. He has always stated in many interviews that he had a wonderful childhood with his family, despite the fact that little is known about his family and early years. Because so many of his family members had similar interests, he was able to advance swiftly in the entertainment sector. In a number of his YouTube videos, Damon Fizzy is joined by his younger brother Devon Fizzy as well.

Damon Fizzy Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is Damon. Our analysis of Damon Fizzy’s net worth from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that it is roughly $1.5 million.


Damon Fizzy participated in the Vans Warped Tour in 2014. Additionally, Ford, the automaker invited him to represent the Fiesta movement for them.