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Huddersfield, Yorkshire
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Dan Cadan is an English director, writer, and producer. He is well-known for helming motion pictures including “Walk Like a Panther” and “The Devil’s Wedding.” In addition, he wrote the scripts for both movies. Dan worked as a production assistant for director Guy Ritchie on a handful of his early productions. Later on, Dan contributed to a few Madonna-starring projects. His career was enhanced by this. Actress Lena Headey from “Game of Thrones” has also been directed by Dan; she is now his wife. After getting hitched in the summer of 2018, Dan and Lena now have a daughter. Lena’s second spouse is Dan. Dan and Lena have reportedly been friends since they were young children, but their romance allegedly began around 2011 or 2015. He helped Lena when her first husband’s divorce was causing her to spiral into sadness.

Birth, Schooling, & Formative Years

On January 2, 1975, Dan was born in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England. Following his graduation, he was employed at “Laser Quest” in Huddersfield. Dan grew up watching movies like “An American Werewolf,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” and “Jaws.” He was profoundly affected by these terrible movies but in a positive way. Dan acquired a temporary job in London after leaving Yorkshire.

Career of Dan Cadan

Dan began working as director Guy Ritchie’s assistant. One day, he received a call from English actor Jason Flemyng asking if he would be interested in working as a runner at actor Vinnie Jones’s office. The employment was offered to him at £30 per day. Dan accepted and joined the production team as an assistant. On the set of Guy’s 1998 British-American crime comedy “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels,” he was a runner. Dan worked with the director once more on the 2000 British crime-comedy picture “Snatch.” In the 2002 British drama film “Morvern Caller,” he was paired as “Dazzer.”

Dan wrote the screenplay for the television film “Dancestar USA 2004.” He has collaborated with singer Madonna on a few occasions. He worked as the second unit director for the 2005 documentary ‘I’m Going to Tell You a Secret,’ starring Madonna. Dan operated the camera for “Madonna: Sticky & Sweet Tour,” her concert film. He co-wrote the screenplay for Madonna’s 2005 film, “Filth and Wisdom.”
2009 saw Dan write and direct the short film “The Devil’s Wedding,” in which Lena Headey, his wife, featured. At the 2010 Cleveland International Film Festival, the movie won the title of “Best International Short Film.” In addition, Dan authored the screenplay, directed, and produced the 2018 British comedy “Walk Like a Panther.”

Dan is currently working on his next project, a terrifying account of three serial killers who preyed on people in downtown British Columbia, Canada. He has an agreement with the London-based agency ‘THE GRAFT.’

Individual Life of Dan Cadan

Dan first made the acquaintance of Lena Headey when he was roughly 17 years old. Having simply been acquaintances since childhood, they have known one another. After growing close to one another, they began dating.

Lena previously wed Peter Loughran, a musician. Wylie was the son they had. A divorce marked the end of their union. Lena had to make a difficult decision to get a divorce, which had a detrimental effect on her. Wylie’s custody dispute after that caused Lena to become depressed. Dan helped her get through this difficult time. Lena’s confidence in marriage and true love was revived by Dan.

Dan gave Lena love once more. She shared her happiness with her followers on Twitter in July 2015. In 2018, they tied the knot. Teddy, the daughter of Dan and Lena, was born in 2015. Teddy’s paternity remained unknown until July 5, 2017, when a ‘The New York Times’ piece disclosed Dan as the father.
Dan is a big fan of American director Wes Anderson. He has always loved the movies “True Romance” and “Midnight Run.” He previously said in an interview that if given the opportunity, he would adore having a drink with filmmaker and writer Quentin Tarantino, winner of the Academy Award. Dan draws inspiration from actors Lena Headey and Stephen Graham.

Net worth of Dan Cadan

The estimated net worth of Dan Cadan is about $1 million.