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Updated On January 18, 2022
Sacramento, California
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Danielle’s older sisters gave her the moniker Dani. She is the newest addition to the Cimorelli band, which generally sings a cappella with instruments interspersed. The band is a family band, consisting of all of the family’s sisters. As a result, it has six members, with Dani being the youngest of them all. She joined the ensemble that rose to stardom by singing covers when she was seven years old. She has gained in fame as a social media personality and a vocalist during the last nine years. With 119.4K Vine followers, this hazel-eyed beauty has become extremely popular. She also has a massive 456K Twitter followers and a stunning 349K Instagram fans. She is confident and outgoing, and her gruff voice is a refreshing change from her sisters’ soft tones. She’s crushing it on tour and has become one of the most well-known Cimorelli sisters thanks to her massive fan base.

The Ascension to Stardom

The Cimorelli sisters rose to stardom on YouTube by singing cover versions of popular songs. Fans of the Cimorelli band began tweeting about Dani when she joined them and sang a version of Jackson 5’s ‘ABC,’ and the cover went viral on many social media platforms. Their rendition of Justin Beiber’s “Baby” was named the greatest cover of the song. Their YouTube subscribers quickly climbed from hundreds to over 3.8 million today.

Dani has her own YouTube account, where she uploads her own personal videos, vines, and solos, and her channel has over 40K subscribers. With their talent, it wasn’t long before the sisters traveled to Nashville, where they signed with Universal Music’s Island label. As a result, the girls have been busy travelling the United States, Canada, Europe, the Philippines, and South America to perform original songs and compositions. Their album ‘Up at Night’ was published in 2016 and was a commercial success.

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Dani’s Unique Qualities

She is pampered by her sisters and given a lot of attention because she is the youngest. Her sisters find her interesting and entertaining; she makes caustic comments and is frequently the cause of their injections taking longer than expected because she clearly has them all cracking up! Dani is not just stunning, but she also has a really fresh and distinct voice—her voice sticks out because it has a gruff tone that is genuine and honest. Her siblings refer to her as “creative” since she enjoys getting her way with her older sisters.

She is also highly stylish and makes good use of her beauty; she enjoys dying her hair in various colours of red and brown. As a fashion statement, she frequently wears tattered jeans and a choker. For many teenagers her age, she is a fashion icon.

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Beyond the Notoriety

This sixteen-year-old beauty can sing and play three instruments: guitar, piano, and bongo drums. She adores comfort food, particularly waffles, which she claims she could live off of! She dislikes apricots, but she enjoys mangoes and gummy worms. She spends much of her weekends with her younger brothers playing computer games, despite the fact that she prefers to be outside and her favorite activity is swimming.

She, like her sisters, was homeschooled and never attended conventional school. Drawing, going to the beach, rollerblading, climbing trees, and reading, particularly psychology, are some of her favorite pastimes. She enjoys dressing up, and her favorite stores are ‘Forever 21’ and ‘Target.’

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Behind the Scenes

Dani was born and raised in the state of California. Lynne and Mike, her mother and father, have always been supportive of her aspirations. She is the daughter of a devout Christian family. Her mother, it turns out, is a music lover as well, and has fostered the same passion in her kids. She has been their mentor since they were two years old.

Dani has ten siblings, with Mike Jr., Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Alex, and Lauren being her older siblings and Christian, Nick, and Joey being her younger siblings. She is single and lives with her family; she has had proposals on numerous social networking sites, which she has graciously declined. She spends the most of her time with her siblings and spends most of her time with them. Despite her fear of heights, she is fearless and enjoys the thrill of a rollercoaster ride. When asked to choose her favorite cover song, she chose Maroon 5’s “Payphone.” Her ambition is to swim with turtles in Hawaii one day.

Estimated Net Worth

Dani Cimorelli’s net worth is estimated to be $1-5 million at the age of 19 according to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and other online sources. She made a living as a professional pop singer. She is from California.


She is the eighth of eleven children, with five sisters and five brothers!