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American YouTube sensation Daniel Lee Kyre also wanted to be a musician and a comedian. Together with his boyhood friend Ryan Magee, he started the Cyndago YouTube channel. After his terrible suicide in September 2015, the channel, which was doing well, was shut down. Daniel traveled to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of establishing a career in the entertainment industry because he has always been career-focused. He rose to fame after founding the music and comedy channel Cyndago with a friend. The channel quickly rose to fame and developed a sizable fan base on the social media network. Several of the videos had millions of views, and the majority of them attracted excellent viewership numbers. Later, they added Matt Watson as a third employee, and the three of them worked together to post videos, podcasts, and music to the channel. Daniel Kyre was not just an online celebrity, but he was also learning the guitar and writing songs. Additionally, he routinely posted music on Soundcloud.

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Become a Star of Daniel Kyre

The YouTube channel Cyndago was launched on December 17, 2012, by Daniel Kyre and his childhood friend Ryan Magee. Since then, it has amassed over 351k subscribers and over 39 million views. They worked in South Carolina for the first three years before relocating to Los Angeles, California, in 2015 in search of greater prospects.

Cyndago, a YouTube channel, rose to fame thanks to its comedic videos, songs, and material. Mark Fischbach, often known as Markiplier, a well-known YouTube celebrity, was impressed by the content of the channel and decided to work with them on some of their videos. This also raised the number of subscribers and watchers for the channel. After relocating to Los Angeles, the pair’s workload expanded, so they hired Matt Watson to do the editing so that Daniel and Ryan could concentrate on content creation. ‘The Warfstache Affair’ and ‘We Dye Our Hair!’ are two of the group’s most popular videos. After Daniel’s passing in 2015, the channel was shut down.

Daniel was not just a YouTube sensation, but he was also a talented musician. Even the music they utilized in their YouTube videos was written by him.

Individual Life of Daniel Kyre

On July 6, 1994, Daniel Lee Kyre was born in South Carolina, America. David Kyre is his father, and he has a younger sister. He relocated to Los Angeles in 2015 in order to pursue a career in entertainment.

He made an attempt at suicide on September 16, 2015, and was discovered in a severe state in his Los Angeles hotel room. He was sent from the emergency room to the intensive care unit quickly. Later that day, Daniel’s father sent him a text message in which he expressed his delight at the Markiplier and Cyndago collaboration and his admiration for the songs Daniel was creating to play on his guitar. He didn’t hear back from Daniel, but an hour later he got a call from a Los Angeles ambulance telling him that his son had attempted suicide. To be with him, his family members flew to Los Angeles. On September 18, 2015, after spending two days in the intensive care unit, he was pronounced dead. He passed away as a result of the suicide attempt’s lasting brain damage. A day after his passing, his family informed his friends and the media and set up a page in his honor where people could post recollections.

The news of his passing startled his friends. Markiplier created a GoFundMe account to help Daniel’s family when he passed away. ‘Lost a buddy’ is a video that Markiplier also produced. He temporarily stopped posting videos to his YouTube channel while he grieved the loss of his friend. His pals advised people to get treatment if they were depressed or had suicidal thoughts via the Cyndago channel.

Estimated Net Worth of Daniel Kyre

The estimated net worth of Daniel Kyre is around $1 million.