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Updated On May 5, 2023
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Daniella Perkins is a famous American actor, Musical.ly (now TikTok) star, and YouTube personality. She is a TikTok celebrity with more than 1.8 million fans on the app. Her YouTube account has more than 68K subscribers as well. We never cease to be amazed at how many roles teens and young adults today manage to balance at once. One such adolescent is Daniella Perkins, who manages her growing acting career, her prodigious creativity for her TikTok account, and the creation of new content for her YouTube channel all without breaking a sweat. Although she has a nice face, her USP is her talent and originality. She began her acting career on Nickelodeon, a channel for kids and teenagers. From there, she advanced to become one of the most popular musicians of her era, where she collaborated with her sister, Devenity, to produce breathtaking dance videos. Now, she is on the verge of becoming a popular YouTuber thanks to her channel.

Become a Star

Daniella had a very unusual beginning to her work in social media. She and her younger sister Devenity launched the WzTheBuzz website in 2008 using the well-liked website builder Wix.com. They would share recipes, conduct interviews, discuss the hottest restaurants and shops, various fashion trends, and analyze and review local monuments on the website.

The allusion to all the locations in town, and that too from a child’s perspective, rapidly attracted the attention of online users. They ultimately registered the website as a business in 2011, and they have been delivering successfully ever since.

The next endeavor for Daniella was acting. In 2014, she made her film debut as the lead in Senior Slashed. Her subsequent acting chance came when she was cast in the 2015 film Del Palya. She appeared in two television shows in 2016: “Girl Meets World” and “Legendary Dudas” on Nickelodeon, where she played the lead role of Sophia.

Daniella found another another social media outlet to claim as her own in addition to her acting profession. She set up the TikTok account “PerkinSisters” with her sister Devenity and began posting their collaborative music videos there. The PerkinSiters quickly rose to the top of the most popular accounts in the app because to the success of their amusing and original TikToks. They currently have more than 1.8 million platform followers.

In 2014, Daniella and her sister Devinity made their YouTube debuts, launching the Perkins Sisters channel. The channel has more than 60,000 subscribers and more than 1 million viewers overall. Joint vlogs, Q&A sessions, sketches, skits, challenges, and other girlie content make up the majority of the channel’s output. They consistently publish content on Thursdays.

In February 2017, Daniella launched her own YouTube channel where she shares her personal vlogs, cosmetic tutorials, and trip journals. The channel has more than 68,000 subscribers and more than 1 million views after only six months.

Why Daniella Is So Special?

Daniella is a typical American teen who seems to desire to rule the entire planet. She is technologically competent and can effortlessly manage several social media profiles. She has a friendly and positive demeanor. She enjoys traveling, and Devenity, her sister, is her go-to crime partner. She has been totally committed to her job since she was very young, and as a result, she attained significant fame before obtaining the right to vote!

Behind The Scenes

Although Daniella has a sizable online following, nothing is known about her past. As of right now, she has never introduced her parents on her YouTube account. However, her younger sister Devinity, who is three years younger than she is, is well-known to fans. She and her sister are close, and they collaborate on most of their online activities.

Recent rumors have linked Daniella to fellow TikTok celebrity Zach Clayton, often known as Bruhitszach to hardcore users. The couple initially denied any concrete information on the subject, but they eventually came clean on social media by sharing adorable photos of one other. Even Zach has promoted Daniella’s YouTube account.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known TV actors is Daniella. Our research of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider revealed that Daniella Perkins has a net worth of $5 million.