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Danielle Mansutti is an English YouTuber who is best known for showcasing her love of cosmetics, fashion, and beauty in her videos on her own channel. Mansutti, who had aspirations of becoming a graphic artist as a child, developed a teenage beauty obsession. She wanted to learn more about makeup and design because of her intense interest in both. The English stunner worked at a few different places before joining YouTube. She never felt so free and happy before thanks to the site where she could share videos. She has been producing makeup, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle films ever since. Mansutti, an animal lover, also uses her YouTube channel to raise the consciousness of bullying and animal cruelty among her viewers. She frequently advises her audience to adopt a vegan lifestyle and occasionally emphasizes the necessity of doing so. The diva is linked to numerous high-end brands and has totally astounded people with her beauty and lifestyle content. Mansutti is a very endearing, brave, and independent lady personally. She also enjoys documenting her daily routine, which she frequently posts on her vlog channel.

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Become a Hero

On January 11, 2011, Danielle Mansutti launched a YouTube account with the same name. She has since regularly posted videos on the site about makeup, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. For women who are obsessed with everything related to beauty, the channel is a one-stop shop for everything from fashion hauls and product evaluations to makeup tutorials and more. The videos “How to Apply False Eyelashes for Beginners,” “Back to School Makeup & Hair Tutorial,” and “10 Minute At-Home Booty Workout” are a few of the most well-liked ones divas can discover on this channel. The first video demonstrates how to apply fake eyelashes correctly; the second and third videos, a back-to-school makeup and hair tutorial and a home booty exercise, respectively.

Mansutti’s channel includes challenges, vacation videos, motivational videos, vlogs, and other content in addition to makeup, fashion, and beauty tutorials. The YouTuber also manages a second account called “Playsutti” in terms of her extracurricular activities. This channel, which was started in 2014, includes Mansutti’s travelogues, games, bloopers, etc. Her primary channel has more than 1.5 million subscribers and more than 99 million views, which speaks to the popularity of her channels. With over 124k subscribers, the English beauty’s vlog account has a large following (as of May 2018).

Individual Existence of Danielle Mansutti

On November 4, 1994, Danielle Mansutti was born in London. When she was 12 years old, she relocated to Australia. The Vlogger featured her ex-boyfriend Michael in a tag video that she published in May 2015. Later that year, the pair split up. Mansutti currently resides in Brighton, UK. She worked with Tori Sterling, another YouTuber, on the “Valentine’s Day Makeup & Chit Chat” film.

Danielle Mansutti had a job in customer support before she became a well-known YouTuber, where she oversaw employees and handled complaints from clients. She has previously worked as a barista and server at a chocolatier.

Danielle Mansutti Net Worth

Danielle Mansutti’s net wealth is $5 Million. She handled customer complaints while working in customer service for a big business as a supervisor. She also held server and barista positions at a chocolatier.