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Singer-songwriter Danny Worsnop is best known for his collaborations with rock bands like “We Are Harlot” and “Asking Alexandria.” Danny and the other members of his previous band created successful albums under the name “Asking Alexandria,” which reached the top of several UK and US music charts. Other acts that Danny has collaborated with include “Memphis May Fire,” “The Word Alive,” “I See Stars,” “With One Last Breath,” and “Breathe Carolina.” He is presently concentrating on his solo business and is a member of “We Are Harlot.” His first solo album, “The Long Road Home,” which was influenced by country music, was published in February 2017. Danny has struggled with drug abuse and has been embroiled in a few disputes. To learn more about this gifted English musician, keep reading.

Early Youth & Life

On September 4, 1990, Danny Robert Worsnop was born in Beverley, England. His parents are Sharon and Philip, and he was reared by them in the small town of Gilberdyke. He was raised alongside Kelly, his younger sibling.
Danny had a lifelong passion for singing. He used pots and empty crates to make music as a young child. By the age of eight, he had already begun playing instrumental instruments, and he even took violin lessons as a young child.

Danny had no trouble learning different instruments because he was excellent at making music. He learned the nuances of playing the trumpet while taking violin lessons and later found himself performing for his school’s band.
In his teenage years, he began studying the guitar and bass after being influenced by rock and metal music. He originally intended to join the military as a sniper, but when his band’s debut album became a huge hit, he altered his mind and decided to pursue music instead.

Danny Worsnop’s Career

The ensemble “Asking Alexandria” welcomed Danny Worsnop in 2008. In 2009, he and his bandmates created “Stand Up and Scream,” their formal debut album. The record, which was created by Joey Sturgis, was distributed by Victory Records and Sumerian Records.

Although the album didn’t do well in the UK, it performed exceptionally well there. While it appeared on several music charts across the country, Billboard magazine’s list of the “Top Heatseekers” placed it in fourth position.
2011 saw the publication of “Asking Alexandria’s” “Reckless and Relentless” second album.

The album, which was published by “Sumerian Records,” debuted in the top 10 of several music charts in both the US and the UK. It also made an appearance on the “Australian Albums Report,” where it took the thirty-first position.

The group’s third album, “From Death to Destiny,” was published in 2013, and it quickly rose to the top of the list of “Top Hard Rock Albums.” It also did incredibly well in the UK and Australia, making “Asking Alexandria” its most financially successful record.

Danny shockingly informed his followers of the band’s dissociation on January 22, 2015. He claimed that he had made the choice to stop making heavy music after carefully weighing the band’s needs. Denis Stoff later took over as the band’s lead vocalist in lieu of Danny Worsnop.

After leaving “Asking Alexandria,” Danny joined “We Are Harlot,” another ensemble. On March 30, 2015, Danny and his new bandmates published their debut self-titled album, which did well in the US and UK. The record received favorable reviews and sold more than 5,000 copies in the US within a week of its release.

By this time, Danny had begun concentrating on his solo endeavors and his debut solo record. Although he had originally stated that his album would be released in 2011, he had to postpone the release for a number of reasons.
He announced in 2013 that he was collaborating with Jay Ruston and that the record would be distributed by “Sumerian Records.” The record, however, was not released for another three years.

Danny issued an album single in 2016 along with a music video. The song, named “I Got Bones,” was well received by music fans because it featured a nice blend of country music and Worsnop’s vocals.

Danny revealed on his Instagram page on September 26, 2016, that his debut album, which was originally known as “The Prozac Sessions,” will now be known as “The Long Road Home” due to a number of legal concerns. Finally published in February 2017, “The Long Road Home” was well-received by music fans.

Danny Worsnop’s Collaborations

Besides bands like “We Are Harlot” and “Asking Alexandria,” Danny has also worked with a wide range of other acts. He provided the vocals for the composition “Wake the Dead” by the metal group “With One Last Breath” in 2010. He also worked with Bizzy Bone that year on the single “Automatic Rewind” from the album “Crossroads: 2010.”

He worked with the bands “I See Stars,” “Suicide Silence,” and “Memphis May Burn” in 2012. He provided vocal assistance for the song “Sellouts” from the popular album “Savages” by the American band Breathe Carolina in 2014. He collaborated with the American metal band “The Word Alive” in 2018, and on their record “Violent Noise,” they included him in the song “Stare At The Sun.”

Significant Other Works

Danny Worsnop made his acting début in the 2015 movie “What Now,” which was produced and directed by “Sumerian Records” owner Ash Avildsen. In the movie, Danny played himself, and many people complimented his acting abilities.

He was hired as the successor to the well-liked short film “The Devil’s Carnival,” “Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival,” that same year. In the movie, he portrayed “The Smith,” and Darren Lynn Bousman, who had previously directed the prequel in 2012, served as the film’s director.

Am I Insane? is the subject of an autobiography written by Danny. He also works as a photographer, and he previously stated in an interview that he would donate his photographs to charitable fundraisers. He operates an online store selling stylish goods and apparel.

Danny Worsnop’s Controversies

Jessica Bruce, a fan of the band “Asking Alexandria,” claimed that Danny treated her unfairly and shoved her friend away when she requested him to give her a hug during one of the band’s live performances. Jessica expressed her disgust with the famous vocalist’s attitude on her social media accounts.

Later, Danny claimed that Jessica and her companion had misheard him on his official Twitter account. Additionally, he claimed that he shook her friend’s hand rather than pushing her. Jessica later agreed with Danny’s account of the incident, but the musician maintained that he would never alienate his followers.

Danny’s Individual Existence

Danny has struggled with drug abuse and alcoholism. In 2011, he made an appearance at a live event hosted by “Asking Alexandria” while intoxicated. After this incident, Danny began his rehabilitation process and asked for professional assistance.

He is good friends with Tom Kershaw, a seasoned tabloid reporter. Danny and Tom attended the same university and joined a band named “The Element” where they both played in it.

Danny is busy on social media, regularly sharing images and videos on sites like Twitter and Instagram. His Instagram account has more than 179,000 subscribers, compared to his Twitter page’s more than 639,000.

Estimated Net Worth

English singer Danny Worsnop has a $2 million net wealth. In September 1990, Danny Worsnop was born in Beverley, England. The main singer of the rock group We Are Harlot is Worsnop. Additionally, he had a brief stint as Asking Alexandria’s main singer in the metalcore band.