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De’arra Taylor, a US-based YouTuber, is well-known for posting vlogs on the social media site with her partner Ken Walker. On their main channel, “De’arra & Ken 4 Life,” the duo posts jokes, hauls, story times, and Q&A videos. They also run a separate channel called “Vlogs By DK4L” where they post videos about their daily life. Taylor and Walker aim to set a good example for their audience and inspire them by using vlogs to share their love and family life. The couple has demonstrated that even without getting married, anyone in love can live happily with their spouse. To live the life they have always imagined, American YouTubers have disregarded all societal conventions. When it comes to the popularity of their channels, their main channel now has over 4.4 million subscribers and around 553 million views. Additionally, as of March 2018, their side channel had more than 1.6 million subscribers and roughly 128 million views. Millions of people follow Taylor on Twitter and Instagram, where she also maintains accounts.

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Career of De’arra Taylor

De’arra On December 11, 2014, Taylor and Ken launched their YouTube account, “De’arra & Ken 4 Life.” This channel’s main page includes a variety of videos, including vlogs, pranks, hauls, story time segments, and Q&A segments. The videos “I should’ve never did this – (snake prank on girlfriend),” “Angry Girlfriend Smashes Boyfriends *New* IPhone x,” “Huge Hissing Cockroach Prank On Girlfriend,” “Double Mask Killer Prank On Mom,” “Disgusting Peeling Skin Prank On Boyfriend,” and “Destroying Girlfriend’s Make-Up” are a few of the channel’s most well-known videos.

On October 14, 2015, Taylor and her partner started a side channel called “Vlogs By DK4L.” It provides a closer look at the couple’s day-to-day activities. It’s Not What You Think, De’arra Got Pranked On Christmas, The Huge Announcement You’ve Been Waiting For, I Might’ve Made Her Mad.. (Don’t Throw Your Girlfriend In An Ocean), and Building Our New Home are some of the well-known videos from this channel.

Individual Life of De’arra Taylor

In Tennessee, United States, De’arra Taylor was born on April 17, 1996. Zaria Mosley, her younger sister, is also well-known on social media. Since 2014, Taylor has been a romantic partner of Ken Walker. Her parents, her educational background, and her family history are all unknown.

De’arra Taylor’s net worth

The estimated net worth of De’arra Taylor is about $1 million.