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Nanchang, China

Deng Chao is a well-known actor in China’s film industry. Deng has risen to prominence as a comedian, actor, singer, and director over the years. Deng’s popularity as an actor skyrocketed following his outstanding performances in television series such as ‘The Young Emperor,’ ‘Happiness as Flowers,’ and ‘The Royal Swordsmen. Deng has appeared in several commercially successful films, including ‘The Breakup Guru,’ ‘The Mermaid,’ and ‘Duckweed.’ He has played a variety of roles throughout his career, and each of them has established a distinct standard for all aspiring actors with a theatre background. Deng has also found success as a director, with several of his works having premiered at various film festivals.

Childhood & Adolescence

Deng Chao was born in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China on February 8, 1979. He was born into a family of middle-class parents. While Deng is a celebrity today, little is known about his parents.

Deng’s dream of becoming a super star began at a very young age. He used to take part in every school-sponsored cultural event and never missed an opportunity to perform in his school’s skits and plays.

Deng enrolled in Beijing’s Central Academy of Drama, a prestigious institute for the performing arts. He used his experience from stage performances during his high school years to hone his skills there.

Career of Deng

Deng began his acting career during his academy years. When he was in his final year of college, he received his first break through a stage play titled ‘Cui Hua.’ Following the play’s enormous success, Deng was offered several additional roles, including ‘Serve Suancai’ and ‘Please’.

Deng gained valuable experience in theatre and began directing stage plays shortly thereafter. However, he desired to begin his career as an actor. As a result, he shifted his emphasis to acting and was cast in his first television series.

Deng gained popularity in 2003 and the following years due to his phenomenal performances in super hit series such as ‘The Young Emperor’ and ‘Happiness as Flowers’. He had now crowned himself ‘King of Soap Operas.’

Deng made his film debut with ‘When Love Loses Its Memory,’ but his follow-up film, ‘Assembly,’ directed by Feng Xiaogang, was a box office smash. This enormous success laid the groundwork for his illustrious career in the Chinese film industry.

Deng continued to act in back-to-back box office smashes until 2013. All of his films were not only commercial successes, but also received critical acclaim. He also starred in his first feature film, ‘The Breakup Guru’ (2014), which he directed.

Deng’s downfall began with the release of ‘Devil and Angel,’ which received harsh criticism from critics. The audience immediately rejected the film’s poor content and Deng’s poor acting.

Deng did not have to wait long before he encountered success once more. Deng was once again the apple of the critics’ eye when his film ‘The Mermaid’ became the highest grossing Chinese film to date.

Deng will appear in the 2018 film ‘Shadow.’ He is set to make his Bollywood debut with Siddharth Anand’s ‘Love in Beijing’. Deng appears in the film romancing either ‘Priyanka Chopra’ or ‘Deepika Padukone,’ two of Bollywood’s most successful actresses.

Success on Television

Deng’s first television drama, The Young Emperor, premiered in 2003. This was a period drama that gained widespread popularity. Deng gained recognition as an actor as a result of the series’ success.

Deng was the protagonist of this romantic drama set against a military backdrop. The series, directed by renowned tele drama director Gao Xixi, was declared the year’s highest grossing tele drama. Deng’s image as a comic actor was shattered with this series.

The Royal Swordsmen – On 30 January 2005, this series premiered. Deng made a cameo appearance in this ‘Martial Art Drama’ as an emperor. The drama was created as a tribute to all martial heroes.

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber – This is the television adaptation of the same-titled Chinese novel. The series premiered on Wenzhou TV in October 2009. Deng portrayed Zhang Wuji, a fictitious character from Ice Fire Island.

Keep Running – Keep Running is a Chinese reality game show that premiered on 10 October 2014. Deng made his debut in season one, earning the moniker ‘Captain Superman’. He was the team’s representative and delivered a consistent performance.

Deng’s major feature film, Films Assembly, in which he starred as Zhao Erdou, an Army Commander and best friend of the male protagonist. The film is loosely based on the novel ‘Guan Si’ and is set during the ‘Chinese Civil War’ period. The film shattered all box office records and won nearly all of the year’s prestigious awards in a variety of categories.

Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame – This film was released on 28 September 2013 as an action thriller. Deng stars as two royal detectives, Di Renjie and Pei Donglai. The film had its world premiere at the 2010 ‘Toronto Film Festival.’

American Dreams in China – Deng co-starred in this comedy film with Huang Xiaoming and Tong Dawei in 2013.

The film premiered at a number of international film festivals.

The Breakup Guru – On June 27, 2014, this romantic comedy was released. It was a massive box office success and China’s highest grossing film of the year. Deng was cast alongside actress Yang Mi, and their on-screen chemistry was magical. He also made his directorial debut with this film.

The Mermaid – This romantic fantasy film, which debuted on 8 February 2016, broke box office records by amassing the highest first-day gross. The film follows Liu Xuan, played by Deng, as he falls in love with a mermaid. Additionally, the film represents a watershed moment in the Chinese film industry.

Duckweed – Released on January 28, 2017, the film depicts a strained father-son relationship and the ways in which both men resolve their differences. Deng portrayed the son Xu Tailang, who initially despises his father but eventually comes to appreciate him. Once again, this Deng-starring film grossed over a billion dollars in less than a month after its release.

The Liquidator – Adapted from the novel ‘Evil Minds: City Light’, this crime thriller was released on September 30, 2017. Deng portrayed Fang Mu, a criminal psychologist who is investigating a serial murder case.

Deng reprised his role as a crime thriller in The Dead End, which was also adapted from a novel titled ‘Sunspot’.

Deng portrayed Xin Xiaofeng, a police officer who becomes the prime suspect in a murder case following a series of events.

As Singer Only Need You – This OST is from Deng’s collaboration with Jin Minjia on the album ‘Young Justice Bao III’.

Deng was featured in this soundtrack for his film ‘Assembly’. Bloom – This OST featuring Deng was released in 2009 and served as the theme song for the 18th Golden Rooster Awards.

Deng appeared in this OST from ‘American Dreams in China’ alongside Huang Xiaoming and Tong Dawei.

Awards and Accomplishments

Deng won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role award at the 29th Hundred Flowers Awards (2008) for the film ‘Assembly’.

Deng received the Best Actor Award in the motion picture category for ‘Assembly’ at the 2009 Golden Phoenix Awards.

Deng won the Best Actor Award at the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival (2015) for the film ‘The Dead End’.

Private Life of Deng

Deng has never been linked to anyone other than actress Sun Li. He met the actress during a campaign and the two developed a friendship from there.

Deng married her in February 2010 in a simple ceremony. The couple has two children, Deng Han Zhi (son) and Deng Han Yi (daughter) (daughter). Deng Chao’s net worth is 29 million yuan, according to Forbes (Chinese edition).

Estimated Net Worth

Deng Chao is one of the wealthiest and most popular Movie Actors. Deng Chao’s net worth is estimated to be between $1-5 million, based on our analysis of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.


Deng came dangerously close to suffocating during the filming of ‘The Dead End’. He even experienced sleep deprivation and claustrophobia throughout the shoot.