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The Bronx, New York
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The Bronx, New York

American social media sensation Denzel Harris is also a fantastic dancer. He first gained celebrity with his dance videos on Vine after his first clip of him dancing at a gas station went viral. He is now incredibly well-known on YouTube. He used to use the username “SheLovesMeechie” when posting on Vine. With the debut of his YouTube channel, also known as “SheLovesMeechie,” his popularity grew even more. In October 2015, he uploaded his first video to YouTube, in which he danced to the song “Best Friend” by Young Thug. Thanks to his consistent posting of captivating dance videos, the channel has since gained a sizable follower base. The videos of this young dancer have helped several songs by up-and-coming artists gain popularity and inspired hundreds of thousands of young people to learn how to dance. Denzel is well-known not only on his YouTube channel but also on other social media sites like Instagram, where he also publishes his dance tutorial videos.

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Become a Star of Denzel Harris

Denzel Harris has always wanted to work in dance and show business. When he was in the tenth grade, he first started sharing his dance videos on Facebook. He received positive evaluations, however he fell short in terms of hits and likes. He then began uploading the videos to YouTube. He also received a poor answer in this instance. He posted his first video on Vine when it initially launched, which he had recorded while dancing to a Texas song in a petrol station. The video started receiving a lot of re-Vines in just 20 minutes. It had gone viral by the following day!

On October 1, 2015, Denzel launched his SheLovesMeechie YouTube account. His debut video on YouTube was a dancing performance to the song “Best Friend” by Young Thug. Over 4 million people have watched the viral video of him dancing to Future’s song “Wicked” on YouTube. His other popular videos include “Skateboard P – MadeinTyo” with over 5.2 million views, “Dae Dae – Woke Up” with over 12 million views, “Xo Tour Life – Lil Uzi” with over 7.5 million views, and “B.O.B. – Tis the Season” with over 1.4 million views. As of September 2018, he had amassed an incredible 413k subscribers (and counting) and more than 90 million views over the years.

Along with uploading his dance videos to his YouTube page, he also shared them on Twitter and Instagram. He has more than 178k followers on Twitter and more than 734k on Instagram.

Denzel frequently works with Toosi, another talented dancer and another internet personality. They are recognized for their joint contributions to the “Hit Dem Folks” dancing style, which has its roots in Columbus, Georgia. Denzel has had the chance to share the stage with well-known rapper Yo Gotti and the hip-hop group Rae Sremmurd. Odell Beckham Jr., a member of the NFL, is a supporter and friend of Denzel.

Individual Life of Denzel Harris

On July 20, 1995, Denzel Harris was born in the Bronx, New York. His father works in the construction industry, while his mother is a nurse. He started dancing as a child but never received any official instruction. When he was thirteen, he relocated from New York to Atlanta. He spent a lot of time there viewing dance videos on his computer. He soon understood that he ought to be working on something computer- and dance-related. He adored South Dallas Swag, Chris Brown, Les Twins, and Dragon House’s dancing moves. He frequently borrows components from his idols’ dance techniques to develop his own distinctive routines as a well-known dancer today.

Estimated Net Worth of Denzel Harris

The estimated net worth of Denzel Harris is around $1 million.