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Dianna Williams is a choreographer and dancer who rose to fame after the Lifetime network’s dance reality TV program ‘Bring It!’ became a great smash. Miss D is the owner of the ‘Dollhouse Dancing Factory’ in Jackson, Mississippi, and is known to her pupils and followers as Miss D. Miss D’s Dancing Dolls, a reality show focusing on the performances of her protégés versus various adversaries, was launched by her in 2001.
Dianna, a native of Jackson, Mississippi, dedicated her life after graduation to pursuing dance. She opted to compete in several dance contests before forming her own hip-hop dance company after perfecting her dance moves through training in many genres. She has a reputation for pushing her ‘dolls’ to their limits in order to bring out the best in them. However, fans appear to enjoy this aspect of her personality, as seen by her large online following on Twitter and Instagram.

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Career of Dianna Williams

Miss D began dancing when she was four years old. Her parents enrolled her in the Angie Luke School of Dance, where she spent years honing a variety of dance styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Ballet Point, Tap (Beginner and Advanced), and Belly Dance. Miss D went on to compete in numerous dance competitions and join prominent dance companies in the Jackson area as the years passed. During the years 1989-1998, she was a member of the ‘Eye of the Tiger Drill Team’ and the Captain of the California State Dominguez Hills University Cheerleading Squad.
Miss D went to Jackson State University to study Criminal Justice after graduating from high school. She went on to work for the city as a Recreation Aide and Dance Instructor for several programs on the north side after graduation.
Miss D had a brief career in the adult film industry while in college, but she worked hard to leave the past behind and start over.

In 2001, she opened the Dancing Dolls Dance Studio in a small space at Jackson’s Pied Piper Playhouse. Her long and laborious quest to fame and excellence began there.
Miss D formed the Grove Park Dancerettes in 2002, choreographed the Callaway High School Chargettes in 2006, founded the Prancing Diamonds in 2007, and was named Vice President and Choreographer of the Jackson Association for Majorettes in 2009.

She founded the ‘Dollhouse Dance Factory’ on August 23, 2010, and the semester began with 23 pupils. Miss D’s Dancing Dolls, a dance team that has had tremendous success in competitive dancing and won major trophies in various age categories, moved into the Dollhouse Dance Factory. The team’s tagline is “Dancing Dolls For Life,” which is abbreviated as DD4L and serves as a sort of emblem.

The success of the Dancing Dolls spurred Lifetime to develop and produce a reality program based on the group. ‘Bring It!’ was the title of the show, which premiered on March 5, 2014. The Dancing Dolls battle against a variety of other dancing troupes, including the Divas of Olive Branch, the Prancing Tigerettes, and the Purple Diamonds, in order to prove their superiority. The show was an instant hit, and Miss D became a household name. The popularity of the reality program can be attributed to the fact that it has been renewed for four seasons in a row.
Miss D’s celebrity has translated into financial success, with earnings from the studio, television networks, and other endorsements and product placements bringing her net worth to over 1.5 million dollars.

What is it about Dianna Williams that makes her so unique?

Miss D’s legacy to the community of Jackson was the Grove Park dancing program and the Dancing Dolls. The program grew to produce outstanding dancers from the ages of 5 to 18. Not only that, but the program had a significant positive impact on the community as a whole, bringing together youngsters from various backgrounds through dancing.

Miss D also encourages her students’ creative impulses to flow freely. She is in charge of creating new dance forms as well as updating established genres by incorporating her own.
Her students have demonstrated that they are capable leaders and administrators in addition to being successful dancers. She is noted for being tough on her students, frequently yelling at them to motivate them, but she is also fiercely protective of them, shielding them from the negative effects of the competitive environment.

Personal Experiences of Dianna Williams

Miss D is the delighted mother of a son named Cobe and is married to Robert Williams. Jackson, Mississippi is home to the family.
She has been open and honest about her experience in the adult film entertainment industry with her students and the show’s producers. Her candor set a new standard in the dancing world, and she has been praised by the press and fans alike.

Estimated Net Worth

The Estimated Net Worth Dianna WilliamsBeteen 1 million to 3 million dollars.

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