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Diego Costa is a Spanish football player who competes for both Atletico Madrid and the Spanish national team. Born and bred in the isolated Brazilian town of Sagarto, he played street football frequently as a youngster without realizing that he could have a successful career in the sport. Diego’s aspirations of playing football seemed very far away before he moved to Sao Paulo at the age of 16, with the remote location of his village being one of the key reasons. He joined a nearby football team there and eventually advanced to become one of Barcelona Ibiuna’s most skilled players. He was professionally signed by one of the first clubs in Portugal, Braga, in 2006. After signing with a few other clubs, his big break came in 2010 when Atletico Madrid approached him about a deal. After 94 games and 43 goals for Atletico, he was ultimately contacted by the significant Premier League team Chelsea in 2014. He rejoined Atletico Madrid in 2018. Regarding his national team, he had previously represented Brazil before submitting a formal request to represent the Spanish team, which FIFA approved.

Early Childhood & Life

Diego Costa was born on October 7, 1988, to Jose and Josiliede in Lagarto, Sergipe, Brazil, into a lower middle class household. Diego Maradona is regarded as the greatest football player in history, and his father Jose, an avid football lover, named his son after him. Diego inherited his father’s intense passion for football and frequently played in the streets. He was naturally talented at it, but he never really imagined playing professionally.

One of the key causes, combined with the family’s house’s extremely distant location, was the family’s poor financial situation. He tried to join the local team Atletico Clube Lagartense, which was indicative of some desire he had to learn to play football professionally. Diego left his birthplace after a failed trial and relocated to Sao Paulo to live and work with his uncle.

His parents made the decision to relocate him because they wanted to protect him from the expanding influence of neighborhood gangs and the drug mafia. Diego joined Barcelona Ibiuna, a nearby football team, thanks to his uncle’s connections. He has never played in a professional football game before.
Diego was an underprivileged young man who occasionally lacked the funds for bus fare to get to the club. Diego left football to work in his uncle’s shop to make more money after being bullied by several of his clubmates. Paulo Moura, the young boy’s coach, frequently chose him from his house since he seemed to have some understanding of the little boy’s drive and talent.

Diego started to develop popularity among the national and international clubs as soon as he turned 18 and his performance began to garner enough attention. SC Braga, a Portuguese club, was one of them. Diego said he wanted to play for the team, but his parents insisted he joins Sao Caetano FC in Sao Paulo instead. Diego opted for the first option, and the rest is history.

Career of Diego Costa

Diego had an outstanding first season at Braga in 2006, earning the nickname “the next Kaka,” a well-known Brazilian footballer. He further demonstrated that his lack of experience wasn’t a barrier by being loaned out to Penafiel, which piqued Atletico Madrid’s interest. He was signed by Atletico in 2007, but before he could play a single game, he spent the next three seasons on loan at Braga, Celta, and Albacete.
Barcelona wanted to add him to their reserve team at the start of the 2009 season after scouting him, but Atletico Madrid wouldn’t part with him because they said they had future plans for him. Diego, however, was dissatisfied with the direction his career was taking and succeeded in convincing his team to trade him to Real Valladolid in July 2009.

He was bought by Atletico Madrid in June 2010, but his time there didn’t start out well. During the entire 2010 UEFA Super Cup, he was not employed as a player. He further missed the majority of the 2011–12 season due to injuries, and the next season was more or less the same. He was given a four-match suspension during the UEFA Europa League for on-field violence.

Diego demonstrated his value to the team management by scoring 7 goals in 7 games as his team advanced to the Copa de Ray semifinals. In the decisive game, which his team won, he added his seventh goal. In doing so, he beat Cristiano Ronaldo, a player for the opposing team Real Madrid, who had the longest goal run.

During the 2013–14 campaign, Liverpool expressed interest in him and offered him a wage that was three times what he was making at Atletico. Diego, though, remained devoted to Atletico and renewed his agreement with them through 2018, while also increasing his pay. For the first time in 17 years, he also scored in pivotal games to guarantee his team’s entry into the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals. Diego finished third in goal scoring with 27 league goals as his team went on to win the tournament for the first time since 1996.

Chelsea announced in July 2014 that they have agreed to a five-year contract with him. He had a stellar start, earning Player of the Month honors for August 2014. Diego’s first significant trophy was the League Cup, which Chelsea won in March 2015. He was selected as one of the two forwards for the PFA Team of the Year in April.

He became the first player to achieve 10 league goals in the current season in November 2016, and for his efforts, he was voted Player of the Month that month. Diego finished as the leading scorer with 20 goals as Chelsea won the Premier League title after losing it the season before.

However, there was a rumor that Diego was going to leave Chelsea in June 2017. Diego had a number of possibilities, but he ultimately chose to return to Atletico Madrid, and the formal announcement of this was made in September 2017. Diego has scored three goals in nine games during his most recent stay at Atletico.

He received an invitation to join the Brazilian national squad in March 2013. A few months later, Diego publicly declared his wish to play for Spain and the Royal Spanish Football Federation submitted an official request to acquire him for their national squad. He received a lot of criticism from the Brazilian football federation and supporters as a result. The media said that he merely did it for financial gain.

He participated in the Spanish World Cup team in 2014 and has since represented Spain in other international competitions.

Individual Life of Diego Costa

Diego Costa is renowned for having a lavishly extroverted attitude and for engaging in numerous racy relationships with numerous models.

He is a very emotional athlete who has been repeatedly found guilty of inciting violence on the field.
He has remained quite close to his family and frequently receives them when they come to Spain.

Diego Costa’s Net Worth

Brazilian professional soccer player Diego Costa has a $40 million dollar fortune. In October 1988, Diego Costa was born in Lagarto, Brazil. He is a striker who played for Barcelona EC throughout his formative years. Costa debuted with Braga as a senior player in 2006 and was afterward loaned to Penafiel. From 2007 to 2009, he was a member of Atletico Madrid and on loan to Braga, Celta, and Albacete. Costa played with Valladolid from 2009 to 2010, making 34 games and scoring 8 goals. From 2010 to 2014, he was a player for Atletico Madrid, scoring 43 goals in 94 appearances while on loan to Rayo Vallecano. He joined Chelsea in 2014, and as of May 2017, he had made 87 appearances while tallying 52 goals. Costa has competed internationally with both Brazil and Spain. He was chosen for the 2013–14 UEFA Champions League Team of the Season and was the top scorer in the Copa del Rey in 2012–13. With Atletico Madrid, Costa twice won the UEFA Super Cup, Copa del Rey, and La Liga. He won the League Cup once and twice with Chelsea in the Premier League.