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American YouTuber Janet, also known as Dollastic (or just Lastic), is well-known for her toy-related videos on her main channel. She still has an intense affection for toys of all kinds even as an adult! In addition, she enjoys playing video games and frequently uploads gameplay videos to her second channel, “DOLLASTIC PLAYS!” Janet had a deep affinity for dolls and toys from an early age. She has been collecting different kinds of toys ever since. Being a self-described “clumsy toy collector,” she firmly feels that everyone may enjoy toys at any age and exhorts others to always have a childlike spirit. Janet, who possesses an amazing assortment of toys, adores the way these small items evoke her childhood and spark her creativity. In addition to collecting toys, she enjoys drawing and is a talented artist. She and another well-known figure on social media are currently engaged.

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Dollastic Ascent to Fame

On November 1, 2013, Janet debuted her toy channel, DOLLASTIC. She has since used this channel to share her passion of toys and all things charming. All of the content on the channel is geared toward families and is appropriate for viewers of all ages. The channel showcases a huge assortment of well-known toys, including play-doh, Disney, Equestria Girls, Monster High, My Little Pony, and Ever After High, to mention a few.

‘Talkative Chick’s House – Ppiyak-e House – Cute Korean Kids Toy’ and ‘Toy Hunting (with Jenny) – My Little Pony, Shopkins and more’ are the two most watched toy videos on Youtube. A well-known Korean toy set is demonstrated in the first video. Janet and her sister go on an exciting toy quest in the second video. To date, thousands of people have watched and liked both of these videos.

Additionally, Janet runs the YouTube channel “DOLLASTIC PLAYS!” On November 12, 2015, this channel was established with a focus on video games. Its material is mostly about the well-known game platforms Roblox and Minecraft.

Regarding Janet’s fame on YouTube, her channel, “DOLLASTIC,” boasts around 380k subscribers. More than half a million people subscribe to her successful second channel, “DOLLASTIC PLAYS!”

Individual Life of Dollastic

On June 21, 1987, Dollastic was born in New Hampshire, USA. Jenny, her sister, has made appearances in her videos. She and YouTuber MicroGuardian have been dating for a few years. April 2018 saw the engagement of the pair. They haven’t yet told their fans about their marital intentions, though. Janet relocated to a new house in September 2018, which is why her channels were dormant for about a month.

Dollastic is a part of a YouTuber group that also includes RadioJH Games, MicroGuardian, and Gamer Chad. This group goes by “TacoCrew” even though they don’t have an official name.

Net worth of Dollastic

The estimated net worth of Dollastic is about $1 million.