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Jacksonville, Florida

Donnie Van, also known as Donald Newton “Donnie” Van Zant, is an American rock musician. Donnie is the brother of Ronald “Ronnie” Van Zant, the lead singer of “Lynyrd Skynyrd,” who perished in an aircraft disaster. Donnie is a country artist and the former lead singer of the rock band “38 Special.” Donnie also performs as “Van Zant” alongside his younger brother, Johnny. While Donnie became the lead vocalist of “38 Special,” Johnny Van Zant is the current lead singer of “Lynyrd Skynyrd.” The duo recorded their debut song for “Van Zant” in the 1980s. They did, however, break up for a spell. They reunited in 1998 under the name “Van Zant” and produced two albums. Since 1974, Donnie has been a part of “38 Special.” However, the band members revealed in 2013 that Van had health concerns that prevented him from performing for six months and may prevent him from doing so again in the future. Donnie agreed to compose and record music for the group, but sadly, as time went on, his health continued to decline, and in late 2013, he made the decision to leave the southern rock band.

Early Childhood & Life

Donald Newton Van Zant was born to Lacy and Marion Van Zant in Jacksonville, Florida, on June 11, 1952. He is the middle brother out of three.

On October 20, 1977, a plane disaster in Mississipi claimed the life of Ronald “Ronnie” Wayne Van Zant, his older brother and a rock musician. He was traveling on a private aircraft with five other members of his band, “Lynyrd Skynyrd.”

Jhonny, his younger brother, is currently Lynyrd Skynyrd’s lead singer. The three brothers’ father, Lacy Van Zant, was a strong supporter of them and encouraged them to pursue their goals.

Their father played a significant role in their achievement. He didn’t have any training or connections in the recording industry, but he encouraged his sons to pursue a career in southern rock. He is the originator of Southern rock music, claims Donnie.

Career of Donnie Van Zant

In 1974, Donnie and his then-neighbor Don Barnes co-founded “38 Special.” He continued to be one of the band’s most devoted members up until 2013.

The band has sold more than 20 million CDs in their three decades of recording and performing rock music. The remarkable intensity that the band members display throughout their performances has really struck a chord with the audience.

They travel to up to 100 cities annually to present their music. Since 1976, the band has released 15 albums.

Numerous prizes and accolades have been bestowed for their Gold and Platinum albums. Hold on Loosely, Rockin’ into the Night, Caught up in You, Fantasy Girl, If I’d Been the One, Back Where You Belong, Chain Lightnin’, Second Chance, etc. are just a few of their numerous hit songs.

The majority of their albums have been huge successes. Donnie spent 39 years as the band’s principal guitarist and vocalist.

Donnie and Johnny, their younger brother, made the decision to form the musical group “Van Zant” in the 1980s. They initially began recording for the record company “Geffen Records,” but eventually broke up.

In 1998, they teamed up once more to create two albums for “CMC International.” After 2001, they resumed their break, though.

In 2005, “Van Zant” made a comeback and began concentrating more on country music. This time, they used “Columbia Records” to release two further records.

Their debut album, “Get Right with the Man,” peaked at number two on the “Top Ten Country Album” (U.S. Billboard) charts. The album’s popularity was largely attributed to its lead hit, “Help Somebody.”

Nobody Gonna Tell Me What to Do, I Know My History, Sweet Mama, and Things I Miss the Most are additional tracks on the CD. In some places, it was issued with specific copy restrictions.

Donnie experienced damage to his inner ear nerves as well as other medical problems in 2013. Donnie won’t be able to sing for the band, at least not right away, it was agreed and later disclosed, but he would be writing songs for them. However, Donnie declared in late 2013 that he wouldn’t be able to do either because of his health and eventually left the band. He said he was forced to leave since his doctor had explicitly instructed him to do so.

Personal Legacy & Life

Donnie Van Zant has made Jacksonville, Florida, his permanent home. Along with his wife Ashley Van Zant, he resides there.

Fact Donnie is a devoted supporter of his hometown Jacksonville’s football team, the “Jackson Jaguars.” In addition to the guitar, he can play the piano and drums.

Donnie Van Zant’s Net Worth

An American rock vocalist and guitarist named Donnie Van Zant is worth $8 million. In Jacksonville, Florida, on June 11, 1952, Donnie Van Zant was born. He is best known for being a former band member. From its founding in 1974 until 2013, 38 Special He is the middle brother of three other musicians: Ronnie, the first lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd, perished in an aircraft crash in Mississippi in 1977 along with five other band members and associates, and Johnny, the current lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd.