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Dr. Evan Antin, a veterinarian from the United States, is well-known online for his “pelfies.” He has received two years in a row of “sexiest vet alive” votes. Dr. Antin frequently shares photos with a variety of animals on social media. Pictures of both common pets and exotic predators might be found. When Dr. Antin was featured in People magazine and recognized as the “sexiest beast charmer” alive, he gained notoriety. For days, the internet couldn’t stop thinking about him. He recently discussed his work in an appearance on a UK daytime program. The world soon became aware of his endearing features and resemblance to British actor Henry Cavill. He was also referred to be the “new Superman” when caring for his pets. After the show, his images and videos circulated like wildfire on the internet. Many others posted his photos and videos on Twitter and Instagram. Dr. Antin had also brought a few birds and an animal to the demonstration. Everyone admired the birds and animals he nursed in his photographs. Additionally, People magazine ranked him the Sexiest Man Alive in 2016.

Become a Star

The well-known veterinarian and internet celebrity Dr. Evan Antin is situated in California. He frequently posts images of various birds and animals on Instagram. He is currently employed by Conejo Valley Vet Hospital. He was a model and a gym instructor before becoming a veterinarian, though.

When Dr. Antin was featured in People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive edition that year, people took note. He received the honor of being named the “Sexiest Beast Charmer” alive in the “Men At Work” section.

He was pictured holding a crocodile in the People magazine article. Soon after, Dr. Antin created his Instagram account to express his gratitude to People magazine for their endeavor. He said on the social media platform that he received the magazine’s cover images via email from his mother when he was in Guatemala’s jungle during the publication of the issue. He published countless pictures of various animals and birds on Instagram after that post. Following his appearance in People magazine, his fame on the internet also increased.

Dr. Evan Antin made an appearance on ITV’s “This Morning” talk show and enchanted the audience with his charming appearance and animal collection. Many even called him Clark Kent because they thought he was the British star Henry Cavill. The internet gushed about him in a number of tweets, comparing him to Superman and praising his wonderful looks.

Healthcare Career

Dr. Evan Antin is passionate about studying exotic animal medicine and loves exotic animals. In nations like Australia, New Zealand, South America, South East Asia, and Central America, he has made significant efforts to work with wildlife on both a national and international scale. Both small, sensitive creatures and enormous, hazardous animals can be cared for by him. At CVVH, Dr. Antin has been a full-time associate since (Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital).

Individual Life of Dr. Evan Antin

Dr. Evan Antin was born in Kansas, USA, on December 12, 1984. At the University of Colorado in Boulder, he pursued a study of ecological and evolutionary biology. He also spent several semesters studying overseas in Australia and Tanzania to gain better knowledge of the flora and ecosystems.

He made the announcement that he and Nathalie Basha are engaged in an interview in 2015. Dr. Antin resides in California with his dog Henry, cat Willy, Savannah monitor lizard Matilda, mangrove snakes, freshwater fish from the tropics, and a mangrove snake. Scuba diving, hiking, weightlifting, and travel are some of his interests.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Dr. Evan Antin is about $1 million.