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Along with lead vocalist Austin Corini, bass guitarist Levi Jones, and drummer Nate Parker, the four-piece boy band “The Tide” also features American vocalist and guitarist Drew Dirksen. The band, who are signed to EMI Universal, are well-known for having released the EP “Click My Fingers” and the studio album “Young Love.” In recent years, Dirksen’s popularity has grown to a moderate level. He has established himself as a solo artist in addition to being a member of a musical group. Together, he and Jones—who also act as the musical duet O.D.L.—have done UK tours and amassed a global fan base. Social networking is another tool the two utilize to reach a larger audience. At the moment, Drew and Levi have a YouTube page where they post videos of their daily lives as well as their music projects. Behind the curtains, Dirksen is a simple person with a good sense of humor. He constantly exhorts his followers to put forth much effort and pursue their goals.

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The career of Drew Dirksen

Alongside Nate Parker, Drew Dirksen played in the pop-punk group “All the Above” at first. Together with bassist Levi Jones and singer Austin Corini, they founded “The Tide” in February 2015 and started posting covers to YouTube. The same month, Dirksen and his Tide bandmates began on a tour. “Young Love” was their debut song, released on March 25, 2016, the following year. Their second single, “Click My Fingers,” which was made available on August 12, 2016, came next. “Click My Fingers,” Dirksen and his group’s debut EP, was released in the same year. They then recorded “Put The Cuffs On Me” and “Naked,” their third and fourth singles, which were released in March and September of 2017, respectively. The Tide released their debut album, “Young Love,” shortly after. The Tide has performed throughout Europe thus far, in nations like Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Currently, Dirksen and Levi Jones perform together as the pop duo “O.D.L.” The two went on a tour of the United Kingdom in March 2018 and gave live performances of their favorites. As of right moment, Drew and Levi have their own YouTube account. This June 5, 2017, channel was launched featuring music videos, pranks, vlogs, and other entertainment. The video “Silence – Marshmello ft. Khalid (Cover)” is the most watched on their channel. A hilarious video titled “Pantsing People In Public **Goes Wrong**” has gained more popularity after this. The first video is a cover song, while the second one is a hilarious act performed in front of people!

Personal & Family Life

Ohio, USA, was the place of Drew Dirksen’s birth on September 30, 1996. Monroe High School was his school. He is dating Noel Thompson at the moment. Lilly is Dirksen’s dog companion. He adores the books in the Harry Potter series. Ariana Grande, Jessica Alba, and Morgan Freeman are some of his favorite musicians. In the past, the guitarist engaged in gymnastics practice.

Net worth of Drew Dirksen

The estimated net worth of Drew Dirksen is about $1 million.