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Drew Scott is a Canadian actor, realtor, and entrepreneur who rose to fame after the debut of his twin brother Jonathan’s television show, “Property Brothers,” which has been on HGTV for ten seasons and is still going strong. With their wacky sense of humor, brotherly banter, and sex appeal, the brothers charmed their way into the audience’s hearts. ‘Buying and Selling,’ ‘Brother Vs. Brother,’ ‘Property Brothers: At Home,’ and ‘Brothers Take New Orleans’ are just a few of the spin-offs and related shows that have come out of the show. Property Brothers Handbook is an app that was first released in Canada. He co-wrote ‘Dream Home: The Property Brothers’ Ultimate Guide to Finding & Fixing Your Perfect House’ with his twin brother and is currently working on a memoir titled ‘It Takes Two: Our Story.’ They began renovating their home when they were ten years old and are now co-owners of award-winning production business Scott Brothers Entertainment. Drew is also active with a number of charitable organizations, including Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Read Let’s Move’ campaign.

Early Years and Childhood

Drew Scott was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on April 28, 1978, to Jim and Joanne Scott. His birth surprised his parents, who had assumed they would only have one child, Jonathan, his twin brother. James Daniel is his older brother.

As a youth, his father traveled from Scotland to Vancouver and worked as a stuntman in the movie industry, as well as acting and directing on occasion. Prior to his birth, his mother worked as a paralegal in a downtown Vancouver law office.

He grew up on a horse farm in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, where he and his five siblings shared a single-bathroom home. Both brothers used to perform sketch comedy, improvisation, and illusion at parties for money as children; however, as they grew older, Drew became more interested in basketball and Jonathan continued to do magic.

He went to Thomas Haney Secondary School during his adolescent years, where he excelled in sports. The family moved to their ranch in Alberta after graduating from high school, and the twin brother proceeded to the University of Calgary to study kinesiology.

He began horseback riding when he was three years old and was a member of his high school’s basketball team. He had a 43-inch vertical jump after four to five hours of daily practice, but he was injured before his first season with his collegiate team.

In the Beginning

Despite their Hollywood ambitions, Drew Scott and his business-savvy brother resolved to avoid becoming “starving artists” in their pursuit of a career in acting. Carleton Sheets’ informercial encouraged them to invest in real estate as a way to supplement their income while they looked for acting roles.

They leased an old property across the street after starting university and rented it out for $800/month after renovations, thereby living rent-free while profiting. They eventually paid $200,000 for the house with a $250 down payment and later sold it for a profit of more than $50,000.

They continued to buy and sell residences in the years after that, doing only minor modifications on their own. After a few bad experiences with realtors, the two brothers decided to earn their own licenses: he attended a real estate course, while Jonathan became a contractor.

They bought, remodeled, and sold an average of 50 properties each year for the next 15 years, working on up to ten projects at once. Scott Real Estate Inc., a one-stop shop for buying, selling, and remodeling properties, was created by the two brothers in 2004.

The firm had offices in Vancouver and Calgary and employed dozens of people. Jonathan relocated to Las Vegas in 2007 and opened a branch, and Drew followed a few years later.

A Career in TV

Drew Scott began his acting career in the 1997 television shows ‘Breaker High’ and ‘Madison,’ after having always dreamed of a career in television and films. Following that, he appeared in a few short films and television productions, including the 2006 series ‘Smallville.’

Drew Scott and his two brothers launched Dividian Production Group, an independent film production firm, in 2002, when his acting career took a backseat due to his real estate endeavors. In 2005, he relocated to Vancouver to pursue a career in acting.

Around this period, he co-hosted a number of real estate-related shows with his twin brother. He was chosen to host the upcoming Cineflix show “Realtor Idol,” however it was later canceled.

Cineflix chose to include his brother after learning that he is also active in real estate after considering him as a co-host for another show, ‘My Dream Home.’ In January 2011, the show was rebranded ‘Property Brothers’ and aired on HGTV, eventually becoming the channel’s highest-rated show.

In 2010, he moved to Las Vegas, and the following year, he bought a home with his brothers. ‘Property Brothers: At Home,’ a new spin-off show, was born from the remodeling of the property.

In 2012, they debuted a new series called ‘Buying and Selling,’ in which the twins assisted couples in renovating, selling, and purchasing a new home. ‘Brother Vs. Brother,’ which launched in July 2013 and pitted them against each other to obtain the maximum resale value on renovations, began production the same year.

In 2015, they hosted ‘Property Brothers: At Home on the Property,’ a spin-off series that followed their renovation of a family friend’s ranch in Longview, Alberta. For the show, they created and recorded two country-themed songs, ‘Hold On’ and ‘Let the Night Shine In,’ followed by a charity song, ‘My House,’ with Eric Paslay.

They produced another show, ‘Brothers Take New Orleans,’ in November 2016, in which they renovated a property that had been vacant for 11 years due to Hurricane Katrina damage. Drew and his fiancée Linda Phan will be seen rebuilding their home in Los Angeles in another spin-off, ‘Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House,’ which is now in production.

Drew Scott and his brother Jonathan’s most successful show, ‘Property Brothers,’ has been shown in more than 150 countries. It has continuously been the most popular HGTV show for years and has received multiple honors.

Achievements and Awards

In 2012, Drew Scott and his brother Jonathan were awarded the ‘Leo Award’ for ‘Best Host(s) in an Information or Lifestyle Series’ for their show ‘Property Brothers.’ They were nominated for a ‘Rose D’or Award’ that same year.

Life and Legacy of an Individual
After meeting at a Toronto Fashion Week event in 2010, Drew Scott began dating Linda Phan. They married on December 13, 2016, and they share a house in Las Vegas with Jonathan.


Drew Scott and Jonathan founded their first business at the age of seven, thanks to their father’s encouragement, and eventually established JAM Enterprise (short for Jon, Andrew and Mom). They went door to door selling homemade nylon coated hangers, but the business took off after a neighbor placed an order for thousands of them to export to Japan.

Estimated Net Worth

Jonathan and Drew Scott are reality television stars with a combined net worth of $200 million in Canada. They are primarily known for creating the Property Brothers television and home improvement franchise.