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Dylan Wang is a model and actor from China. His role as “Dao Ming Si” in the Chinese TV series “Meteor Garden” propelled him to popularity. Wang began working as a model. He served as the “Sichuan Southwest College of Civil Aviation” poster model. Early in his career, Wang was employed as a flight attendant. His introduction into the entertainment sector was made possible by his victory in the “Sichuan Campus Red Festival.” Dylan Wang competed in and won the variety show “Super Idol.” Getting the main part in the television show “Meteor Garden” turned out to be the game-changer for his career. The audience gave Wang’s performance in the series a lot of praise. Together with his co-stars from “Meteor Garden,” he was highlighted in the magazine Harper’s Bazaar China. Wand has made appearances in multiple “Meteor Garden”-themed music videos. His great appearance has made him quite popular with women.

Early Life & Childhood of Dylan Wang

On December 20, 1998, Dylan Wang was born in Chengdu, China’s Sichuan Province as Wang Hedi. About his parents or siblings, little is known to the general public.
Wang completed his flight attendant training at the “Sichuan Southwest College of Civil Aviation.” Before going into modeling and acting, he was a 16th-level flight attendant. He served as the admissions poster child while attending the “Sichuan Southwest College of Civil Aviation.” Additionally, he served as the flight attendants’ professional image representative.

Career of Dylan Wang

Dylan Wang took part in the “Sichuan Campus Red Festival” in 2016 and was victorious overall. It was a reputable program supported by multiple academic institutions. Wang joined the entertainment business following this victory. He made multiple commercial appearances. He also triumphed in a singing competition in 2016.

Wang took part in the 2017 season of Super Idol, a Chinese variety show that aired on the Youku network. Actor and television host He Jiong hosted the program. In the end, Wang emerged victorious in the competition.

Wang was chosen to star in the television series “Meteor Garden” in 2018. The Taiwanese series of the same name was remade in this version. The show is an adaptation of the Japanese shojo manga series “Boys Over Flowers” for television. The network known as “Hunan Television” is airing it. Wang portrayed the lead character in this series, Dao Ming Si.

The persona of “Dao Ming Si” contributed to Dylan Wang’s rise to fame. While attending the university, “Dao Ming,” a haughty male from a wealthy family, meets a determined girl from a low-income household. The narrative of “Dao Ming” falling in love with the girl and the ensuing events is told in Meteor Garden. Wang did a fantastic job portraying the character because of his endearing nature and superb acting abilities. With this series, he gained millions of admirers. It made him extremely well-known.

Wang was highlighted in Harper’s Bazaar China, a women’s fashion publication. He made an appearance alongside Caesar Wu, Darren Chen, and Connor Leong, his co-stars from “Meteor Garden.”
In 2018, Wang and his “Meteor Garden” co-stars made multiple appearances in music videos. Among them were “Making Memories,” “Never Would’ve Thought of,” and “Don’t Even Have to Think About It.” The news that Dylan Wang will be joining the cast of “The Inn,” a variety show, was first revealed in October 2018. The network known as “Hunan TV” will broadcast it.

Individual Life of Dylan Wang

Dylan Wang is single. It is unknown if he is dating anyone. He prefers to keep his private affairs hidden from the world. He enjoys traveling and listening to music. His fans have given him the nickname “Didi.”
Wang and Chen Youwei served as the 2017 “China Tour de France” youth ambassadors.

The net worth of Dylan Wang

The estimated net worth of Dylan Wang is about $1 million.