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Abdulaziz Aldjlah, a well-known motivational lecturer and online celebrity from Saudi Arabia, goes by the alias Dyler Tv. He uploads a range of movies to his two YouTube channels. While his primary Arabic-language YouTube account has more than 3.4 million subscribers, his secondary channel has amassed more than 630,000. Additionally, he has an Instagram account that features intriguing images and videos of well-known companies and pricey automobiles. Dyler is one of the most well-known social media stars from Saudi Arabia, with millions of YouTube subscribers and more than 978,000 Instagram fans. He runs a website where he offers hip clothing and mugs for coffee. In the title of “Youngest Motivational Speaker,” he also received the “Arab Social Media Award.”

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Childhood and Work

Dyler was born Abdulaziz Aldjlah in Saudi Arabia on May 15, 2001. Together with his sister and two siblings, Dyler spent his formative years. From an early age, he was interested in social media and wanted to make a profession out of it.

On August 21, 2013, at the age of just 12, he launched his YouTube account. He then began uploading sporadic videos, including vlogs, reaction videos, and videos about the Musical.ly video social network app (now known as TikTok).

His account was able to gain more than 1.4 million views and more than 630,000 subscribers as a result of a few compelling videos. Ricegum vs. Dyler Gang is one of this channel’s most popular recordings.

Later, on December 20, 2016, he began uploading videos in Arabic to his second YouTube channel. This channel soon surpassed the number of subscribers on his original YouTube channel and eventually replaced it as Dyler’s main channel.

The program quickly racked up millions of views, turning Dyler into one of the most well-known Saudi YouTube stars. More than 3.4 million people have subscribed to Dyler’s Arabic account because of his entertaining videos.

Embarrassing Inquiries with My Sister Hala, Tyler Sings Samoly in Kuwait, Tyler – Samoly (Live on Stage), and Tyler – Samoly (Exclusive Music Clip) are some of the most watched videos on this channel. More than 52 million people have watched the most recent film alone.

As evidenced by the more than 978,000 fans on his account, Dyler is also well-liked on Instagram. On his Instagram profile, he frequently shares amusing images and videos of well-known brands and expensive automobiles. Dyler enjoys a sizable support base in Saudi Arabia. He arranges meet-and-greet events and meets his fans whenever feasible.

In some of his YouTube recordings, he can be seen demonstrating his amateur singing abilities. He has also given live performances on stage and received praise for his singing skills. Dyler also works as a motivational lecturer and social influencer. He is the “Arab Social Media Prize” winner.

Dyler’s Individual Existence

Dyler enjoys spending time with his elder sister Hala, who is also well-known on social media. He frequently collaborates with her and frequently posts images and videos that include his sibling. He has two siblings as well, but they hardly ever show up in his videos.

In almost all of his videos, Dyler makes it clear that he loves branded clothing and expensive vehicles. He enjoys showcasing stylish cars and well-known shoes in his YouTube movies. Additionally, he enjoys working with other YouTube stars and has published numerous movies with them.

Estimated Net Worth

Dyler is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. Dyler’s net worth is $5 Million, per our study of data from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.