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American actor Eden Brolin is a descendant of TV and film actors Josh Brolin and Alice Adair. Eden has participated in a number of noteworthy initiatives. For her part in the 2017 supernatural drama series “Beyond,” she is most recognized. Her performance in the series is thought to be her most well-known effort. She made her acting debut in a short film that her father directed. Eden has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows over the years, including comedies, dramas, thrillers, and horror. Her next works include two thriller and horror-themed works.

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The Career of Eden Brolin

Career Eden had a head start on her career. Her father wrote and directed the 2008 short film ‘X,’ which served as her acting debut. Josh played a condemned felon who met up with his teenage daughter in the movie. Eden appeared in it as “Jasmine.” She then appeared in a small scene for the comedy/drama “Ruby Sparks” in 2012.

Eden received a role in the 2015 movie “The Dark Rite,” which was directed by Richard LeMay. Due to the numerous significant contracts she was awarded the next year, it ended up being a pivotal year for her career. In the comedy-drama movie “I Dream Too Much,” she portrayed “Dora.” Her on-screen persona was that of a diligent young woman who desired to travel the globe after finishing college. At the ‘South by Southwest’ film and music festival, the movie had its world premiere. She had an appearance in the crime drama “Manson’s Lost Girls” the year after. She played Susan Atkins, the renowned real-life criminal and cult leader Charles Manson’s crime assistant, in the film. After that, Eden was paired in the 2016 short film “Live Forever” with rapper Cakes Da Killa.

Eden was cast in the 2016 fantasy TV series “Emerald City” as “Lucy.” The NBC television show was largely based on L. Frank Baum’s “Oz” book series. In the episode 1.0 Bodies of the second season of the primetime medical drama “Code Black,” she portrayed “Dana Albright.”

In the 2017 season of the supernatural drama series “Beyond,” Eden landed one of the most difficult jobs of her career. In the first season of the show, she played “Charlene “Charlie” Singer,” and in the second season, she played a major role. The series’ star was portrayed understanding he has magical abilities after emerging from a 12-year sleep.
Some significant planned projects include Eden. She will be seen in the 2018 drama “Back Fork” as “Nona.”

Additionally, she was cast in the supernatural suspense film Blood Bound. She will play ‘Kerry,’ an 18-year-old woman who learns that her unborn rape-child is the target of a nefarious scheme, in the television series. Additionally, Eden will play “Daphne” in the 2019 independent film “Kingfish,” which is being produced by Richard Linklater.

Individual Life of Eden Brolin

On November 30, 1994, in Los Angeles, California, United States, Eden Brolin was born. She is the child of Josh Brolin and Alice Adair, two actors. Trevor, Eden’s younger brother, is an actor and producer. The marriage of Eden’s parents ended in divorce in 1994. Templeton, California, served as her place of education.

Josh said Eden and her long-term lover, actor Cameron Crosby, were getting married in August 2018. His ‘Instagram’ account was used to make the announcement. Eden quickly shared a photo of herself and her fiance pointing their middle fingers. Josh, Eden’s father, praised the couple on social media. Cameron and Josh are good friends and had a close relationship before the engagement.

Estimated Net Worth of Eden Brolin

The estimated net worth of Eden Brolin is around $1 million.