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Canadian Hong Konger Edison Chen is a multi-talented individual. He is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, musician, singer, and actor. His acting career began in 2002 with the Japanese movie “Dead or Alive 2: Birds.” Since then, Edison has participated in films from Hong Kong and Japan, including “Dog attacks Dog,” “Infernal Affairs,” and “Infernal Affairs II.” He has appeared in the American movie “Grudge 2” in addition to his Asian cinema efforts. According to rumors, he turned down a part in “Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift.” His desires to become a Hollywood star, however, were never realized. With the “Emperor Entertainment Group,” Edison made his musical debut at the age of 20, and he subsequently put out a few minor CDs. His musical career took off after the publication of his first hip-hop album in 2004 and subsequent back-to-back releases. He is well-known for the nude photo scandals and several problems involving his violent public behavior in addition to his creative work.

Early Childhood & Life

On October 7, 1980, Edison Chen was born into a prosperous household in Vancouver, Canada. Edward Chen, a prominent businessman in Hong Kong’s entertainment sector, is his father. From the moment he was born, Edison enjoyed a great lifestyle and all the comforts. Early parental divorce left him with a lonely upbringing.

Edison had a lifelong passion for the arts and has always wanted to study music. He was a lover of American hip-hop music and desired a career in music along those lines. He spent much of his childhood moving back and forth between Canada and Hong Kong, along with his two sisters.

He attended the Hong Kong International School as well as some other prestigious Canadian institutions. He was an NBA fanatic in his school days and had aspirations of becoming one.
His father made sure that he learned Cantonese and Mandarin even though English was always his first language because he anticipated that his son would work in the Hong Kong entertainment industry.
After graduating from high school, Edison made the decision to take a break before beginning his ideal job. A talent manager noticed him about this time in a nightclub. Given that the talent scout was unaware of Chen’s father, this was a significant event for Chen.

Career of Edison Chen

Chen accepted the talent agent’s offer to appear in a Citibank commercial, which served as his on-screen debut. Due to the success of the advertising, Chen launched his acting and singing careers.
After that, Chen entered into a recording contract with the “Emperor Entertainment Group” and issued a number of CDs. Following the success of his self-titled album, which he released in November 2000, Chen went on to release numerous back-to-back albums, including “Fast and Furious,” “Visual Diary,” and “Ed is On,” among many others.

In 2000, Chen made his acting debut in the Japanese movie “Dead or Alive 2: Birds.” The renowned Takashi Miike directed this highly stylized action thriller movie, which found popularity.
With the release of his second movie, “Gen Y Cops,” Edison first began to play prominent roles. The public adored this science fiction movie, which helped it rank among the top earners of the year. In his early performances, the public adored his gritty appearance and “cool boy” attitude.

In a short period of time, Edison established himself in the entertainment industry and appeared in a number of hugely popular Hong Kong movies, including the two Infernal Affairs sequels, Dance of a Dream, Initial D, and Dog Bites Dog. He also received various cinematic prizes as a result of this enormous success.

He rose to fame in Japan in the middle of the 2000s after appearing in the drama “Under the Same Moon.” With the 2006 movie “Grudge 2,” where he played a Hong Kong journalist, he started pursuing his Hollywood dream.

He appeared in a cameo as a Hong Kong thug in the 2008 superhero movie “The Dark Knight.” He was originally expected to portray Lau, a significant character in the movie, but the producers changed their minds after learning about his involvement in a number of scandals. Edison was granted a supporting role in the movie because he wanted to be involved in the project in any way possible.
In his acting career, he has made several unwise decisions, such as turning down a big character-starring role in the Hollywood blockbuster movie “Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift.”
The filmmakers made the decision to avoid Edison because of the numerous scandals he was involved in in the late 2000s. As a result, he stopped receiving solid offers and began playing supporting roles.

He had a strong performance in the 2014 movie “Golden Chickensss.” He was seen filming in 2016 with renowned Hong Kong director Lou Ye.

In terms of his musical career, he issued his debut hip-hop album under the name “Please Steal this Album” in 2004. The album’s songs included a number of hits. This inspired Chen to put out a couple of additional Cantonese and Mandarin-language albums. In his musical pursuits, he has had some success.

Controversies of Edison Chen

Since he found success, Edison Chen has become controversy’s favorite kid. His assault by two adolescents in Hong Kong in 2004 caused the first significant scandal to emerge. Edison pardoned the kids and didn’t make any complaints.

He got into a fight with a taxi driver in 2007 and was fined as a result.
He encountered a lot of backlash in 2008 when his naked photos appeared online, but it turned out that his computer had been hacked and the perpetrator had been apprehended. This damaged his reputation and was covered by the media for a very long time.

When his private photos of a 16-year-old model were published online, it was followed by another scandal involving leaked photos in 2011.

Life in General: Edison Chen

Edison Chen began dating Vincy Yeung in 2007 and openly admitted on a TV show that he had plans to wed her. However, the couple split up after three years because Vincy claimed Edison was a violent narcissist who had repeatedly physically abused her.

When Ann learned that Chen had been cheating on her with another lady, their marriage preparations fell through. In 2013, Chen stated that he was dating model Ann Hong.
After a number of contentious relationships—some of them with much younger women—Chen made a commitment to improving.

Later, he was seen kissing Shupei Qin at a restaurant; it was later discovered that Qin was married. Chen denied the relationship, but in August 2017, he admitted they had a daughter.

Edison Chen’s Net Worth

With a net worth of $45 million, Canadian-Hong Kong actor, producer, musician, and fashion designer Edison Chen. On October 7, 1980, Edison Chen was born in Vancouver, Canada. He is the CEO of Clot Media Division Limited and the creator of CLOT Inc. His native tongue is English, but he also converses in Cantonese, and Mandarin, and can sing in Japanese. As a result, he may work in a variety of international entertainment sectors. Due to a sex photo incident in 2008, Chen publicly announced on February 21, 2008, that he will leave the Hong Kong entertainment business “indefinitely.” He came back in 2010, but the Hong Kong film industry has yet to see him again. Sexually explicit nude pictures of Chen from four years prior that were widely disseminated online were at the center of the sex controversy in 2008. At first, the photos’ veracity was disputed, and digital tampering was advanced as the main justification. The photographs weren’t digitally altered, according to the Hong Kong police and Photoshop specialists. Chen implicitly acknowledged his role in the incident, expressed regret, and then announced his indefinite retirement from the Hong Kong entertainment sector in a public apology in English to the people of Hong Kong and the women included in the images. When Chen’s Chinese name ranked as the top search keyword in China for the year 2008 and third in Taiwan, it was clear that the controversy had increased public awareness of Chen. With little under 30% of the vote in the Person of the Year category, Chen finished second to U.S. president-elect Barack Obama in the 2008 Hong Kong Person of the Year survey conducted by the government-run RTHK radio.