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Updated On January 20, 2022
Mijas, Spain
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Mijas, Spain

Ruben Gundersen, better known by his stage name El Rubius, is the ninth most subscribed YouTuber, with a massive 22 million subscribers to his channel. Gameplays, vlogs, tours, challenges, question-and-answer sessions, and sketch comics are all part of his ‘ElRubiusOMG’ channel. Together, he and his best friend Miguel Angel have crossed all borders to attract not just Spanish viewers, but also subscribers from all over the world. His YouTube account has the highest number of subscribers in Spain. As a result, he was named YouTuber of the Year in 2016. His 669 videos have received over 5 billion views. Due to his burgeoning famous status on YouTube, he is becoming a social media sensation on other platforms. He has 5 million Instagram followers and 8 million Twitter followers, surpassing all records. We just can’t seem to get enough of this “Net Wiz” who has taken over YouTube.

The Ascension to Stardom

Ruben met Miguel Angel when he was 16 years old, and the two hit it off right away, with Miguel urging him to launch his own YouTube channel. The two had a great day together and decided to share their laughing with the rest of the world. In 2006, he released his first video under the title of his first channel, ‘ElRubius.’ However, luck came his way only after he launched his second YouTube channel, ‘ElRubiusOMG,’ in 2011, to which he dedicated his entire time. He posted a gaming video of ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,’ which went viral, and there was no stopping him now! Ruben surpassed 1 million subscribers in 2013, surpassing prominent YouTuber ‘Willyrex.’

He didn’t limit his creativity to vlogs; he also wrote things down. In 2014, he released his first book, ‘The Troll Book,’ in which a fictional character named ‘Rubio’ guides the reader through spontaneous interactive challenges. His book was named the best seller at the Madrid Book Fair in 2014. Later that year, he released his first comic book, ‘ElRubius: Virtual Hero,’ a superhero book based on computer games. In 2016, he released the second installment of the book, titled “Virtual Hero 2: The Impossible Tower.” He also made a cameo appearance in Satiago Sengura’s film ‘Torrente 5.’

What is it about Ruben/El Rubius that makes him so unique?

His videos are simple yet unique, and he has fantastic comic timing and a great sense of humor. Though he was initially up against stiff competition from other games YouTubers, he built a genre that set him apart from the rest, making his content unique. He has been successful in attracting a young following to his channel because of his excitement. He’s open and honest, and he knows what he’s doing. What sets him apart from the competition is that he has never been concerned with quantity, preferring instead to create videos with excellent content quality. He has now overcome all linguistic barriers, with people from all around the world watching his videos.

Beyond the Notoriety

Despite the fact that he is a huge celebrity who has rightfully earned a lot of fame, the public is still unaware of many elements of his existence. He tends to keep his personal life private, restricting his viewers to work-related events. His followers can see that he enjoys playing video games and that he adores his cat. His pet kitty is smaller than other cats, yet she always manages to find a way to be near him! Apart from that, he adores the color green and prefers chocolate ice cream as a snack.

Behind the Scenes

He was born to a Norwegian mother and a Spanish father in Spain. He has never stated that he has any siblings. His parents divorced when he was a child, forcing him to relocate to Norway. He is currently residing in his own apartment in Madrid, Spain. He shares his home with a cat who he considers a member of his family. When he was a teenager, he met his best friend Miguel over the internet, and the two have been like peas in a pod ever since. They’ve taken over the social realm with their ground-breaking concepts.

He used to do a lot of summer jobs when he was still in school, which taught him to respect all types of labor. He is multilingual, speaking Norwegian, Spanish, and English. There isn’t much information about his personal life, and he doesn’t appear to be touring with anyone, so he must be single. He will achieve far more than he has set out to achieve because of his drive and passion!

El Rubius net worth

El Rubius is a Spanish YouTube star with a $7 million net worth. El Rubius was born in the Spanish town of Mijas in the month of February 1990.


El Rubius claimed in a video that his YouTube channel cared less about its viewers and more about money, according to YouTuber Frank Norton. The film, however, was a hoax, and rumors were put to rest when El Rubius took to Twitter to deny being a part of it.