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British fashion blogger and Instagram model Eleanor Calder. Her ascent to prominence was swift and unexpected when word spread that Eleanor was dating Louis Tomlinson of the British boy band “One Direction.” She gained notoriety for the same reasons that ‘One Direction’ fans, who were envious, demonized her. Despite the fact that Louis may have been the catalyst for her rise to fame, Calder has steadily amassed millions of Instagram followers as a fashion blogger. She utilizes her Instagram account to display the most recent fashion trends. She is one of the original developers of the now-defunct site “The Trend Pear.” Eleanor has strong ties to companies like Tommy Hilfiger and Diesel, to mention a couple. Eleanor, one of the most sought-after contemporary fashion bloggers, has contributed significantly to the promotion of young people’s fashion on Instagram. She has, however, frequently voiced her displeasure at being followed around by paparazzi and gossip magazines as a result of her relationship.

Prior to Fame

Before meeting Louis Tomlinson in September 2011, Eleanor Calder was a student of politics and sociology at the University of Manchester in England. They were introduced by a common acquaintance. She also worked as a floor model for the store Holister. Whatever her early objectives, they were altered as a result of her sudden prominence after her connection with ‘One Direction’ member Louis Tomlinson gained attention.

A career in Fashion & The Trend Pear

Eleanor was pursued when her connection with Louis was made public by paparazzi and envious ‘1D’ supporters, who even created hate accounts online to attack her. But they persisted, and Louis assisted her in creating her Instagram account. The first posts on the account were on the newest fashion trends. In the interim, she and her friend Max Hurd launched the blog known as “The Trend Pear.”

The site, which concentrated on covering both fashion and lifestyle trends, received a lot of positive comments. One of the rare blogs that showcase both male and female fashion trends in a highly contemporary gender-neutral style is “The Trend Pear,” which has amassed enormous popularity as a result. Eleanor and Max wanted to break gender stereotypes in the fashion industry. It is safe to conclude that the blog was a huge success and that it helped both bloggers establish their careers.

Eleanor Calder On Social Media

Eleanor currently has over 3.18 million followers on Twitter and over 3.3 million subscribers on Instagram. Eleanor Calder frequently uploads images of her travels to the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, and France in addition to her fashion updates. In order to concentrate on her Instagram, she stopped posting to “The Trend Pear” in 2018. She is now frequently spotted on her account modeling for many companies, which has greatly aided her development as a stand-alone fashion influencer.

Louis Tomlinson and the Debate

Louis Tomlinson must be brought up whenever Eleanor Calder is discussed. Her sudden success was due to the singer. From September 2011 to March 2015, the couple was together. Eleanor grew close to Louis’ mother Johannah Deakin and sister Daisy during their relationship. However, she came under assault from numerous ‘1-D’ followers online, who sent her death threats and images of Hannah Walker, Louis’ ex-girlfriend. She continues to face abuse from the online trolls known as “Larry Shippers,” who are fixated on an unreal relationship between Harry Styles and Louis. Louis has been there for her throughout.

They split up, nevertheless, supposedly because of Louis’ demanding tour schedule and her need to stay in England to focus on her education. After the breakup, Louis entered into a number of relationships and even had a child with Briana Jungwirth, who was then his girlfriend. Following the passing of Louis’ mother in December 2016, Eleanor and Louis stayed in touch over the years and reconnected in February 2017. The two have been together ever then, and they even have matching tattoos of their initials, “E” and “L.”

When the couple was accosted by paparazzi and two fans at LAX airport in March 2017, it raised uproar. In the incident’s video, Louis can be seen attempting to pull the paparazzi photographer’s camera away while also defending Eleanor from two girls who were assaulting her. Louis was detained, then later freed on bond, and the situation was discreetly resolved. The two females faced harsh criticism from fans.

Individual Life of Eleanor Calder

Murray Calder and Kim Hickman welcomed Eleanor Calder into the world on July 16, 1992 in London, England. She attended St. Marylebone School and then graduated in 2014 with a degree in politics and sociology from the University of Manchester.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Eleanor Calder is about $1 million.