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Elias Harger rose to fame as a TV performer when he portrayed Max in the Netflix series “Fuller House,” which was shown in 2016. When he was just five years old, he began performing. He has performed in a number of roles for the “Denver Theatre Community,” such as “Shrek” and “A Christmas Carol.” He has also performed in numerous stage performances and TV advertisements. Along with other well-known actors, he has appeared in films with Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron Bure, and John Stamos. Among a vast number of other kid performers, he has gained a lot of popularity as a child actor and seems to be the finest fit for the character of Max in the sitcom “Fuller House.”

The Epic Ascent To Stardom

Elias had already appeared in two other short films before landing the role of Max in “Fuller House,” one of which was the 2014 horror flick “Popsy.” He has taken on a variety of characters, from innocent children like Tiny Tim to more complex characters in Lifetime Network productions like “Popsy” and “Ghost Inside my Child.” In 2015, he also appeared in the movie “Granny,” which significantly raised his notoriety as a young actor.

In the Netflix series “Fuller House,” which is a remake of the older successful series “Full House,” he was cast as Max, the charismatic son of DJ. He is active on social media, and he has more than 199,000 followers on Instagram. Additionally, he tweets on his account, which has more than 178,000 followers.

Why Elias Harger Is So Unique?

Elias Harger’s ability to memorize screenplays through listening is one of his best qualities because he struggles to read. However, this does not prevent him from delivering his dialogue more quickly than other actors on the sets. He can choose a dance routine fairly quickly, and he uses his experience watching his brothers’ babies to assist adults on the sets in keeping their young children quiet.

Despite just being nine years old, he is a terrific subject for photographers and offers positions for as many pictures as they need. He is well-liked on site because he amuses the actors and staff with dances in between takes. He is a natural when it comes to sitcoms and gives his characters the appropriate facial expressions. His achievement at such a young age serves as an inspiration to all young people who wish to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Elias’s Past Fame

Elias Harger is still too young to become embroiled in any scandals or controversies. His mother, who also oversees his official website, is in charge of managing his career. Elias has avoided any bad situations despite his growing popularity in the entertainment industry and among the public at large.

He currently has no girlfriends and is single. He gets along well with everyone in the “Fuller House” cast and crew and lends a helping hand to anyone in need. He currently resides with his family and aspires to land further roles in the future that will allow him to further his career in the entertainment industry. He currently plays the role of Max.

Behind The Scenes

On October 22, 2007, Elias Harger was born in Colorado, USA. He grew up with and spends a lot of time with his younger brother. He goes to school like every other kid in the area and enjoys drawing, playing the piano, swimming, and skiing. He has taken several theatre classes and has achieved great success as a local performer at the “Denver Center.”

He had an early interest in acting and was drawn to performing in films and television since to him they appeared incredibly fantastic. He was given the opportunity to realize his passion for performing on stage by the “Denver Center,” and at the age of 5, he began his career as a theater performer.

When he was offered the role of Max in the revival season, he watched the earlier iteration of the Netflix series. At first, he was a little taken aback by how much older-looking the actors who had played various characters in the earlier version appeared when they arrived on the sets to film the revived series. But he quickly warmed up to them, and as they were all by this point seasoned performers and actresses, they in turn assisted him.

Estimated Net Worth

Elias is one of the wealthiest and most well-known TV actors. Elias Harger’s net worth is $5 Million, per our analysis of data from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.


Elias Harger memorizes his line by hearing the script’s lines.