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Cuneo, Piedmont
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Cuneo, Piedmont

Italian TV host Elisa Isoardi now anchors Rai Uno’s “Unomattina” early morning program. When she won the title of “Miss Cinema” at the 2000 Miss Italia pageant, she first attracted national recognition. After that, Isoardi went into the television business and rose to prominence as a host. She is known for her accomplishments in the media industry in addition to being the ex-girlfriend of well-known politician Matteo Salvini, whom she dated from 2015 to 2017. Salvini is Italy’s deputy prime minister at the moment. Isoardi is a multidimensional, incredibly talented woman. She is stunning, self-assured, and graceful, and has worked as a model in the past, receiving numerous accolades for her efforts.

Career of Elisa Isoardi

Elisa Isoardi began her modeling career as a contestant in beauty pageants. She competed in the Miss Muretto pageant after winning the Miss Fragola title in 1998. Following that, she entered the 2000 Miss Italia pageant, where she ultimately took home the title of “Miss Cinema”. Isoardi started her career as a model, moving between Greece and England to complete her jobs, and then she joined the Italian television industry.

She and Guido Barlozzetti co-hosted the TV program “Italia che vai” on Rai Uno in 2005. She was the co-host of the Castrocaro Festival two years later. The Italian beauty started hosting “Saturday Effect” on Rai Uno in 2007. When it came to hosting “Sabato & Domenica Estate,” she and Attilio Romita took over for Franco Di Mare and Sonia Gray in the summer of 2008.

Rai Uno’s new show “Parenti Talenti” had an episode hosted by Elisa Isoardi on July 19, 2008. She took Antonella Clerici’s place on the television program “La Prova del Cuoco” in December of that year. Her original contract as the host was set to expire in 2009, but because the show was receiving strong ratings, her tenure was extended. She rejoined the Internazionale del Vino’s management team in June 2009, replacing Antonella Clerici once more. Additionally, she has been on Rai Radio 2’s “I miei e i tuoi” and “Le colonne d’Ercole” radio shows.

Connection to Matteo Salvini

Elisa Isoardi began dating Lega Nord federal secretary Matteo Salvini at the beginning of 2015. They later appeared in other Italian magazines together. Theirs was a well-known, highly publicized partnership. Following the widespread release of pictures showing Isoardi kissing a lawyer, the two are said to have broken up in 2017. The Italian beauty claimed in an interview with “Chi” magazine that their long-distance romance was the main cause of their breakup.

Personal & Family Life

On December 27, 1982, Elisa Isoardi was born in Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy. Irma is the name of her mother. Nothing further about her early years is known.

Net worth of Elisa Isoardi

The estimated net wort of Elisa Isoardi is about $1 million.