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Elle Walker is an American YouTuber who operates the popular channels ‘WhatsUpElle’ and ‘WhatsUpMoms’. In 2011, she launched WhatsUpElle, but it was only moderately successful. Later, she decided to team up with her companions Meg, Connie, and Brooke to launch a second YouTube channel titled WhatsUpMoms. This site included parenting-related vlogs and information for young mothers. The channel went on to become a tremendous success and currently has more than two million subscribers. Elle has been a leader and received numerous accolades for her influential role. In her vlogs, she combines humor and practical advice, which makes her a popular member of the community. She has collaborated with notable companies such as Disney and Kohler, as well as Michelle Obama. Currently, she manages the WhatsUpMom channel and concentrates on expanding the WhatsUpMom community’s brand. She is also seen at various events discussing YouTube’s success and advising major brands on how to develop internet-friendly content. Her YouTube presence has earned her numerous accolades, and her fan base is affectionately known as Ellegiance.

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Early Profession of Elle

Elle Walker had an interest in entertainment and media, and she worked for various production and marketing companies. In 2011, she decided to investigate the YouTube community by creating the WhatsUpElle channel. Her early vlogs consisted primarily of parodies, dance videos, and personal excursions. She even appeared in a video with Ashton Kutcher. Her videos were easy to view due to her innovative techniques and expert editing skills. Her channel gained popularity gradually, and she began monetizing her videos. She had also amassed a devoted following who anxiously anticipated her videos. After launching ‘WhatsUpMoms’, she ceased uploading videos to this channel.

What’s Up Moms?

In 2013, she decided to collaborate with Meg Resnikoff, Connie Kin, and Brooke Mahan on a more ambitious endeavor. The partners founded the channel ‘WhatsUpMoms’. Elle was inspired to create the channel when she attempted to research parenting but could not locate any professional videos. Then, she made the decision to do it herself. In 2014, however, the weekly videos ceased due to Kin’s mortality during childbirth.

However, the remaining founders were encouraged to continue producing parenting videos. By the end of 2014, the channel had resumed producing regular videos and had amassed a dedicated following. The collaborative parenting channel concentrates on engaging projects for parents and children, member-favorite vlogs, DIYs, recipes, tips, and other hacks. This channel achieved greater success than her first channel and expanded quickly. It has more than two million subscribers, and the majority of its videos receive one million views each.

The channel reportedly receives more than 35 million views per month. For their fifth anniversary, they collaborated with Michelle Obama, who made a cameo in their video titled “5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More Veggies.” Other well-known videos include “MOM HACKS| Arts & Crafts” and “Taylor Swift – “Blank Space” PARODY (Mom Version)” The channel’s prominence earned them a silver Shorty Award in the Family and Parenting category. In 2017, Forbes ranked the channel as the top influencer in the parenthood category.

The immense popularity of the channel is attributed to its authenticity and relatability. WhatsUpMoms has expanded to such an extent that they have recently signed three new partnerships to produce more creative and diverse content for their channel. Karen Alpert, Kathryn, and Esther Anderson are the channel’s most recent collaborators. They also regularly solicit feedback and interact with their followers.

Elle has collaborated with global brands to create authentic content for mothers and provide more information on parenthood over the years. Elle’s success is demonstrated by the fact that she is frequently asked to speak at various events about maintaining and expanding a YouTube audience. She has also been consulted by significant corporations such as Verizon and Target regarding YouTube content creation.

Elle’s Personal Facts

Elle Walker was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 20, 1981. There are two sisters in her family. In 2002, she matriculated from Stanford University with a degree in Technology and Society. Since 2013, she has been married to Ross Walker, and the couple has produced three children: Presley, Ford, and Tess. Currently, the family resides in Westwood, California.

Estimated Net Worth

Elle is one of the wealthiest American YouTube stars. Elle Walker has a net worth of $5 million, per our analysis of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.