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Utah, United States

The friendly and upbeat Together with her husband Jared, Ellie started their own YouTube channel. Many women with infertility have found comfort in Ellie, a mother of two who has experienced infertility herself. Her optimism practically spreads like a virus! She frequently vlogs about her family and gives personal accounts of her life. Ellie also shares cosmetics lessons and gives her followers advice on how to look good. She owns two channels, one of which she shares with her spouse. She has more than a million subscribers across all of her channels. She also updates her admirers on Twitter, where she has amassed a respectable 120K followers, and posts photos of her family on Instagram, where she has amassed over 434K followers. She is one of the more popular daily vloggers of this generation and has a lovely, harmonious relationship with her family.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

Ellie first started vlogging with her husband and changed the name of the same channel to “Ellie and Jared” after discovering YouTube a few years ago. The couple initially started by capturing videos of their battles with infertility. At first, they would only occasionally post videos, with a one- to two-week gap between each one. They made the decision to post regular videos after a year. The duo also has their own separate channels. She makes videos on cooking, pregnancy, shopping hauls, and makeup on her “Ellie Mecham” YouTube channel, where she has almost 250K subscribers. She also publishes question-and-answer videos in which her followers ask her advice on topics like pregnancy and beauty. In 2012, she also made an appearance on the television program Studio C.

Why Ellie Is So Special?

Ellie is not only a stunning and fit mother of two, but she is also well-organized, charming, and caring. She is a devout Catholic who is constantly cheerful. She is a better person because of her trust in God and the wonders he has worked in her life. She battled infertility for years, visiting numerous clinics and undergoing countless tests. She is thankful to God, the medical staff, and her family for their support as she raises her two sons today. She enjoys spreading joy and wants to assist other women going through what she has. She wants people to feel better about themselves and more self-assured.

Past Fame of Ellie Mecham

Ellie is a busy mommy when she isn’t vlogging. She enjoys taking care of her children, feeding and bathing them. She spends the entire day focused on their welfare. She is a helpful wife who offers whatever assistance her husband needs. Her home is brimming with love because she lives to distribute as much of it as she can. She like music because it makes her feel relaxed and less stressed. She particularly enjoys listening to “Little Lion Man,” and eating cookies is the one thing that can cheer her up when she is down. Peach is her favorite hue because she likes how vibrant and lively it is. With her family, she enjoys watching movies, and Kristen Bell is her favorite actress. She also adores animals, particularly hens. When she was younger, she used to take care of their coop, and she plans to do so soon. Ellie appreciates everything in her life because being in nature, putting up a camp, listening to insects, and viewing the stars in the quiet make her feel fortunate.

Behind the Scenes

Jennifer and Chad Griffiths gave birth to a stunning child named Ellie. She is the fifth and youngest of all of them because she was born to a couple that already had four children. Ruby is her oldest sister, followed by Beau, Bonnie, her middle sister, and Julie, who is a few years older. Beau is her brother. Ellie and her brothers had a wonderful upbringing; they never really needed friends because they were all so close. She is nonetheless most close to her sister Julie and brother Beau, who has always looked out for her. Although she fought with her other sisters on a minor scale, she adores them dearly. After graduating from high school, Ellie married Jared when she was only 18 years old. After years of trying, the couple finally had Jackson Clark. She got pregnant with her second child, Calvin Scott, when her first son was nine months old. Her two sons have both starred in her videos, and they are both incredibly cute! She’s saving up to offer her kids a great future and expects to move into a larger home shortly.

Ellie Mecham’s Net Worth

Ellie is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. Ellie Mecham’s net worth is roughly $1.5 million, according to our analysis of data from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.


Ellie and Jared Mecham started their channel to help those dealing with infertility because Ellie was experiencing it due to PCOS.