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Elton Castee is a well-known American Viner and YouTuber whose most popular channel is TFIL. The channel was launched in 2011 with the intention of posting videos of his companions’ epic road trips. Elton has posted videos of bungee jumping, alligator wrestling, skydiving, jumping a mega ramp, shooting a rocket launcher, driving a tank, ATV-Sand boarding, kayaking Off a waterfall, and racing a Lamborghini, among many other adrenaline-pumping activities. In addition to these exciting and daring activities, his channel also features videos of amusing pranks. His videos have been featured on TruTV’s Top 20 Funniest, MTV’s Ridiculousness, The Chive, and iFunny, Break, which indicates their popularity. Elton Castee is also a well-known actor for his roles in the short comedies ‘The Pizza Guy’ and ‘FML’. Now that he has left Vine, he intends to launch a second YouTube channel on which he will allegedly repost his old vine videos of amusing pranks.

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The Meteoric Ascent To Fame

The video of Elton Castee leaping into a public fountain and yelling “cannonball” went viral, propelling him to fame. After achieving success on Vine in 2011, he launched his YouTube channel, TFIL, 2011. During his epic road trip with his pals, they participated in a variety of thrilling and exciting activities, including skydiving, kayaking, bungee jumping, etc. In addition to featuring videos of these daring activities, this channel also contains a number of hoax videos.

His internet prominence is evidenced by the fact that he has over 650,000 YouTube subscribers and over 1.2 million Vine followers. His videos have not only garnered him a global audience, but also an opportunity to work with Abrams Artists Agency. The company, which produces a new short-form digital series in collaboration with Entrepreneur Network, has added Castee to its roster of rapidly expanding digital influences.

Behind The Screen

Elton Castee was born in Connecticut on July 6, 1990. HE presently resides in California. His family and personal life are shrouded in mystery. Five years prior to his Internet fame, Elton Castee worked as a massage therapist. He frequently posts images of his canines on Instagram.

Castee stole the show at the 2015 Grammy Awards due to the fact that he striped shaved his thighs for the occasion. In order to promote awareness of men’s health issues during the annual Movember campaign, he allowed his entire beard to be waxed.

Estimated Net Worth

Elton is one of the wealthiest and most renowned YouTube celebrities. According to our analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Elton Castee has a $5 million net worth.