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YouTuber Emery Bingham is an American. On her own channel, she is well-known for sharing vlogs, song covers, and hair color tips. She has also participated in a few commercials and worked as a fashion model for Zulily. Bingham, a gifted vocalist, became well-known after sharing her rendition of the song “God Is a Woman.” She started regularly posting her music videos to YouTube after that. In addition to being adorable and endearing, she is a really gifted performer. Like her singing prowess, her acting chops are unmatched. In addition to YouTube, Bingham enjoys popularity on various social media sites. In her private life, she is a devoted daughter who enjoys spending much of her time with her mother. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with a select group of her closest pals. Bingham is an easygoing girl with a lot of enthusiasm. She enjoys performing in front of an audience and entertaining them.

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Ascent to Fame

In March 2014, Emery Bingham began her YouTube career with her mother’s assistance. The title of her debut video was “Mermaid Potion, Really Works.” She created numerous additional videos based on the Disney princesses and fairies, as she is an ardent fan of them. Bingham posted “Emery Egg Challenge,” her first-ever challenge-based video, on June 26, 2014. Since her audience enjoyed seeing her videos featuring fairies and princesses, she decided to keep making more. The young YouTuber quickly started sharing daily vlogs and started making song covers. With the help of these videos, Bingham’s channel saw a significant increase in subscribers very quickly.

When she shared a hair color lesson online and showed off her magenta-colored hair, it garnered a lot of attention. Despite the bad feedback this video received, the majority of Bingham’s followers continued to cheer her on. The youthful beauty is still posting a variety of content on her channel nowadays. “God is a Woman Cover Emery Bingham,” “Camila Cabello and Ariana Grande bffs,” and “Elf on the shelf caught on tape” are some of her most well-liked uploads to date. The other two videos are just regular vlogs, but the first one is a music cover. These films have received over 2 million, over 1 million, and over 918k views as of right now. In addition to this, Bingham’s channel has other videos that are well worth viewing.

Actress Emery Bingham is another one. She made an appearance in a Fruity Pebbles cereal advertisement. In addition, she is a model who has been represented by the Colleen Bell Agency and has worked for Zulily.

Individual Life of Emery Bingham

On May 14, 2007, Emery Bingham was born in the US. Though she hasn’t appeared in public with her, her mother manages her social media profiles. The internet is devoid of information about Bingham’s father, siblings, upbringing, and educational background.

The net worth of Emery Bingham

The estimated net worth of Emery Bingham is about $1 million.